Rockers Revenge Beach Party

Everyone loves the beach, and everyone loves a party, put them together and through in one of the best dance acts of all time, and you have yourself one hell of a party.

If you’re not bothered about the Radio 1 gig  (which most people aren’t) or you didn’t get a ticket, then head down to La Plage which is net to the radio 1 gig and party on down to Groove Armada, Tim Sweeney and Huxley. With only 2000 people getting into the Radio 1 show ive got a feeling this beach part is going to be a road block

The last time i was partying on the beach down there was when Ushuaia was cool and only a bar on the beach. If i had the option, i would probably opt for this beach party. and the best thing is… ITS FREE!


Source: Facebook 

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