Radio 1 weekend @ Sa Punta de Moli?

Following a comment on my Radio 1 weekend 2009 post it seems that the radio 1 weekend in 2009 could be held at
Sa Punta de Moli.

A comment from Mr Pink pointed out a Virgin website and the British Airways website which have got information about the radio 1 weekend, the only real information is the location but they both have what looks like the same press release. It seems legit and these companys have had some prior info cause they are massive companies.

It would keep with the trend of Radio 1 weekends of late keeping it fresh, They have in recent years gone from being at mambo and Bar M all the time which they used to host their parties at to hosting them at Punta Es Moli, Space and ‘Gala Nights’ which they advertised as the ‘Abandoned Zoo’ Last year they were at Ibiza Rocks on the opening year and it seems this year they have moved again.

Im not to sure if i have this wrong but im sure that Sa Punta des MolĂ­ which is listed on these websites is the same place Punta Es Moli which radio one had a party at before which is were the windmill is, im sure there will be people who can confirm this or correct me if i am wrong and please leave a comment to confirm or correct me.

Source: Virgin British Airways

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  1. could u please confirm the radio 1 weekend in ibiza dates for 2009 and the venue thanks

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