Radio 1 Weekend 2009

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Before you get excited there is currently no confirmed news about Radio 1 weekend 2009. I have started this post because i can see a lot of people are coming on the site looking for information about Radio weekend and emailing me about it. Ill answer any emails though currently there is no information available. As soon as it is then i will be posting it here.

In an Email recieved by a forum member on Ibiza Spotlight Judge Jules has confirmed that radio 1 weekend in 2009 will take place the 1st and 2nd of August. This however has not been announced on the radio 1 website yet but its the closest news we have had yet of the date of the weekend.


Ive listed this as an update after a comment you can read below, There are a couple of websites identifying the 2009 location for the radio 1 weekend. According to Virgin and British Airways websites the radio 1 weekend will be held at
Sa Punta de Moli. Still no official word on this tough im sure radio 1 will be making an announcement soon if this information is available.Keep checking back for updates.

For now as a taster i will leave you with a couple of Video’s of last years Radio 1 weekend in Ibiza.

Vid Source: arnisg Youtube

Vid Source: fusibiza Youtube

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  1. hi there, desperatley trying to get out there for the radio 1 weekend! Is there any hance it would be on the weekend before… e.g 1st 2nd of august? just dont want to book my flights and then have to change them. I know you haven’t got any info atm but any advise would help. thanks alot x

  2. Hi Charlotte, As i believe it radio 1 weekend will be on the 1st and 2nd of August 2009. This has been revealed in an Email from Judge Jules to a member of the Ibiza Spotlight Forum.

  3. Radio 1 in Ibiza***
    When:Aug 2009 (annual)Where:Sa Punta de Moli
    Opening Hours:Various
    Just do a search on Google and see what u find!

  4. Hey guys,
    like everyone else im trying to get flights booked up for the R1 weekend in august – anyone got any definite leads on when it is going to be?have found some good flight delas and dont want to miss them!!!my mates that have been previously said it is usually the 2nd wkend in aug but as last yr was a leap yr it was the 1st wkend??!!!!!!!! any posts welcome 🙂

  5. Really hope its the weekend of 7/8/9 aug. Already booked to come over that weeknd then for my birthday. would be amazing. Tongy at mambos spot on

  6. Hi Matt

    pretty sure its the weekend before sorry to be the bearer of bad news! Also radio one left mambo’s a couple of years ago so very little chance of it being there again.

  7. Judgement Sunday
    Radio 1 weekend 10th ANNIVERSARY WHITE PARTY
    Judge Jules
    Eddie Halliwell
    Sander Van Doorn
    Vicky Devine
    Seamus Haji
    Rob Tissera
    Alex Ellenger
    LMP DJ´s
    Lee John
    Just found this on ibiza spotlight, sunday the 2nd of august. so i guess this means 100percent that it will be held over the 1st week of august. roll on

  8. it is the first weekend because if u go on 2 ibiza spotlight i says
    at amnesia on the 1st of aug
    Radio 1 weekend & Cream
    2 Many Djs
    Annie Mac
    Pete Tong

    André Vicenzzo
    J Louis
    Paco Maroto
    Taito Tikaro

    had a little look on annie mac myspace n she had dated that she is at amnesia on the 1st so looks like it defo that weekend 🙂

  9. so are there any live acts on this year? I am going to be really dissapointed if that is all there is!!!

  10. Any news on the confirmed radio 1 weekend yet guys ? … would love to know as i keep checkin all the sites out there and no news yet !!

  11. Charlotte – Jades post is only the afterparty, the live acts are during the day at the hotel not in amnesia.
    And Jade, it does not say this on Amnesia’s website, so i would not take this as a certain.
    So far Radio 1 have still not confirmed the dates!

  12. sound thankg god for that!!! they are elaving it quite late though. ah well it will be a nice suprise… hopefuly!!!!xxxx

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