Radio 1 Weekend 2008

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Radio 1 weekend is one of the most anticipated weekends of the year in Ibiza. Every year Radio 1 ship them selfs over and take over the bars and clubs with live broadcasts. It has been confirmed on Judge Jules radio show that the Ibiza weekend in 2008 will be the 1st 2nd and 3rd of August, this is confirmed for 2008 . The weekend is typically made up with all the radio 1 Dj’s doing there radio shows from the island. Cafe mambo is nearly always used. They will also have an Essential mix broadcast from a club, Cream have had this in the past as well as space and manumission.

Friday 1st August: Radio 1 live in Ibiza at Ibiza Rocks hotel

4 to 7pm Vernon live at Ibiza Rocks
7 to 9pm Pete Tong live at Ibiza Rocks
9 to 11pm Annie Mac (Ibiza special from London)
11pm- 1am- Dave Pearces Eden Mix from 23 July

Saturday 2nd August
1 to 4pm Annie Mac live from Ibiza

Midnight to 5am: Radio 1 Live in Ibiza at Amnesia

Main Room
John Digweed
Pete Tong
Eddie Halliwell
Judge Jules
Gareth Wyn Terrace
Zane Lowe
Annie Mac
Kissy Sell Out

Sunday 3rd August
1- 4pm Annie Mac live from Ibiza

Saturday 9 August
1am-3am Judge Jules plays out his set from Judgement Sunday at Eden recorded on 3 August

Radio 1 weekend – Jugement Sunday:
Judge Jules
Sander Van Doorn
Marco V
Richard Durand
Vicky Devine

Source: Judge Jules Radio Show 19/01/08

33 thoughts on “Radio 1 Weekend 2008”

  1. Hi Zoe

    They usually announce the exact dates for Radio 1 weekend around May or June time. It can be annoying because if thats what you are going for then its getting a little late to book your holiday in May or June. Ill get in touch and see if they can give me a date for the weekend and if not maybe a date they will announce it.

  2. Have you found out the date for the radio 1 ibiza weekend… iv been checkin a few chat rooms and people are saying 2nd wk in august, i dont no how people can be so sure. iv booked my hol for 3rd august for a week… it will b my first yr over there and iv got great expectations unfortunatly some people in chat rooms are freakin me out sayin radio one is over rated ect ect … i was in tenerife wen they wer there and had the best time out. is it what people say …..mayhem and that you cant get the true ibiza experience?????????????

  3. Hi cbicky

    I have sent a couple of emails to different addresses at BBC radio but so far ive not had any replies, Radio 1 weekend is traditionally on the 2nd weekend of August but nobody will know for sure until its released.

    I wouldnt worry about what other people say about radio 1 weekend, everyone has a different opinion so you will always get people slagging it off. If its your first time in Ibiza then you will love it, when ive been with different people they have all said Ibiza surpassed their expectations.

    As for the Ibiza experience, its all around you in Ibiza 🙂

  4. Judge Jules has confirmed on his radio show that the radio 1 weekend in ibiza for 2008 will be the 1st 2nd and 3rd of August. This is one week earlier than when they usually have their weekend.

  5. Am gutted!! 8 girlies have just booked to go out 2nd weekend!!! Lets see how much it is to change our flights…..

  6. well gutted. me and the boys av booked our flights for the 4th. its our first time to ibiza aswell. we wer all goin for the 2nd week of august thinking it was radio 1 weekend. well pissed off. doubt we’ll be able to change it. we’ve booked to stay at the new ibiza rocks. any idea wat its like there?

  7. Hi Jamie

    I ve never stayed at the hotel that is now Ibiza Rocks hotel though i have stayed close to it. I would worry about missing out on Radio weekend, Although it is good to go it wont stop you having a great time by missing it.

    A little bit of info about Ibiza Rocks Hotel can be found here A Guy from Ibiza Rocks called mike left a comment with info im guessing this was Mike the owner of Manumission and Ibiza Rocks

  8. Ive seen on that Pete Tong confirmed on his show that radio 1 weeknd on its normal dates of the second weeknd in Aug 2008. Lets all hope that Jules has got it wrong and tongys right!

  9. I will try and listen to the show tonight to confirm this. If this is the case then they have changed the dates, however there is no news of this anywere else that i can find.

    Did anybody else hear this?

  10. I trust Tongy, haha. It doesnt make sense for them to change it to the first weeknd after all these years of doing it the second weeknd. Fingers crossed anyway, were all booked fort he 7th Aug.

  11. The Admin over at Ibiza-Voice recon its still the first weekend.

    I have emailed Judge jules asking him about it as he replies to every email so we should get some sort of an answer.

  12. I have just had confirmation from Judge Jules the Radio 1 weekend will be 1st 2nd 3rd August with the Radio one party likely to be at Space

  13. Pete Tong says it’s the second weekend?
    What’s cracking???

    I’m there for both anyway, getting married Friday the 8th… would be awesome if it was the second weekend, but am there from the 1st anyway.

  14. i suppose we will have to await the Radio 1 announcement as Judge Jules says it is and Tongy says something different. I hope its the first week as thats when i am booked to go out

  15. Gutted – they always have second weekend so why the change this year? Booked hols a few weeks to go out for that weekend and pointless changing now.

  16. Not sure why everyone is getting so worked up. Radio 1 weekend is the busiest, sweatiest, most annoying crowded weekend of the season!

    Far more enjoyable to listen to at home and then party when you can actually move

    Count yourselves fortunate…even JJ agrees in his article above

  17. where would you say the best hotel to stay would be? location wise & price?
    Booked my tickets for the 1st weekend in august in january at a whopper £60 yahooooo! cannot wait! But am travelling from Dubai, where i work & live now for Emirates. So it’ll be a right little mission for me getting to london, then the baleric island…but so worth it! ha ha!

  18. They will announce this closer to the time, The radio shows will be broadcast live from Ibiza from various bars, Mambo will almost deffinately be used.

    I expect they will broadcast live from one of the clubs one night, probably saturday.

  19. Hi there

    i know its soo early but you said that the radio one weekend is usually the 1st weekend on august do you think that will be the same next year? just i have already booked to go to ibiza and i come back for the 2nd weekend

    Thanks Danielle

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