Radio 1 @ Space 2010

My general policy on this blog is that i only really blog about things i like, if i don’t like something then i simply don’t blog about it, im not really interested in slating things because for every person who agrees with me, there are people who wont.

This blog post however is my exception to the rule. I always look forward to Radio 1 weekend and listening to it, i think it can be rather commercial but its on the radio so it will always have that element, I listened to the two shows from Ibiza Rocks Hotel and the atmosphere sounded amazing, The short set the Swedish House Mafia played was immense.

I then started to listen to the show that was recorded live in Space on Thursday night for Come Together, It started off with Mark Ronson and Zane Lowe and its then i couldn’t believe what i was hearing, i listened to about an hour before i had to turn it of and cry myself to sleep.

The set being played was the type of set that was played in my student unions nightclub in the university i used to go ago, it was the type of music i have spent a long time trying to avoid having to listen to, it’s the type of set you would have heard in many clubs up and down the UK, most of them probably called, Liquid, Time or Envy.

Does the track ‘Fat Man Scoop – Put Your Hands Up’ really represent anything remotely Ibiza? Did the music being played represent Come Together in any way?  Did the music played represent Space in any way? No. So why was it made part of Radio 1 in Ibiza?

Radio 1 were way of the mark with this night and i say that because it was more like something i would expect Scott Mills to play gigging in student unions. I don’t feel the music being played in space represented Space, Come Together or Ibiza in any way whatsoever.

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