Pure Pacha Opening – Review

Here we have the first review of the season. I have taken the review from a forum member on Ibiza Spotlight. I would like to thank nostrum for giving me permission to publish his reviews here so you may see a few from him this summer.

After my visit to bora bora, i first fuelled up with pasta and then drove into ibiza town. walked to lola’s, where supermartxe had a party (from end of june Fridays at privilege). i was early and things just really started. so i changed directions and – after bumping in friends on the street – went to grial for a pre-pacha-drink. such a nice location – and the bar staff is the loveliest in ibiza town. definitely recommended. ah, and nano vergel & friends were playing, so i shouldn’t forget to say the music was muy bien as well!

then i made my way to pacha and entered short after 2am. hmmm…isn’t pacha well-known for kicking off quite late? not this night. when i arrived, the main dance floor was already in full swing and nearly packed! ok, pure pacha opening was the only big thing going on that night, but still, i was quite (pleasantly) surprised to see pacha so busy that early! sander kleinenberg was playing in the main floor and oooooh what a great set he delivered!!! liked it lots! i definitely will be back for more SK this summer…

then i suddenly bumped into other people i hadn’t seen for a while. so we went up to funky room for a bit, this one was nicely busy and comfy to dance and chat. later, i dragged the gang up to the roof terrace for some fresh air. i think i’d love pacha much less if there wasn’t this terrace.

when we made our way back into the main room, it was already after 4am and sebastian ingrosso & steve angello were playing. they rocked the hell out of the main room, i seldom have heard such banging stuff in pacha!

conclusion – pure pacha is still a winner, even without pete tong. i’m sure as soon as tong’s new wonderland party at eden begins, many will wander there and the night will be a success. but i’m totally convinced pacha will stay as busy as before on friday nights…it’s just pure pacha!

Review By Nostrum – Ibiza Spotlight

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