Pacha Classics Mixed By Paul Taylor

I don’t often talk about CD’s on here because there are always loads of CD’s out, However i do have a soft spot for Paul Taylor who runs the Retro night, Last year he was also the Dj at Pacha Classics if i remember rightly on a Sunday, Well i new about this a while ago but Pacha have released a new CD Pacha classics. You could look at it as your average ‘classics’ CD but its not full of ‘Trance Classics’ which 99% of classic CD’s are. Ive not got a copy…. Yet! but i will be purchasing a copy and i think it could be worth a listen to anyone who wants to hear a few Ibiza classics without the trance element 🙂

One thought on “Pacha Classics Mixed By Paul Taylor”

  1. The new Pacha Classics album is immense. Well worth purchasing. It’s a mixture of tunes that have blessed all the clubs on the island. Something for everyone. The good thing is Paul was given the task to do this CD. I honeslty don’t know of any DJ with the energy he has and you can notice it even through listening to his new CD. Retro in The Global Room, Pacha every Tuesday is well worth a visit.

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