No Manumission 2009 ??

Reading a thread over on Ibiza Spotlight it seems like there may be no Manumission in Ibiza in 2009! January see’s the start of the Manumission World Tour starting in London and word is that there will be no manumission in Ibiza in 2009.

There isn’t really much else to go from at the moment though manumission did post a blog post on their myspace talking about the world tour which included the line “Manumission leaves Ibiza for the first time in 15 years” Reading into this a little further it seems like it points towards no manumission in 2009. Manumission have had parties in the uk within the last 15 years so why this time say they are “leaving Ibiza”. Also the poster for the closing party last year also had on it “The Last Party, Thank You and Goodbye”

Manumission has had a long and extremely successful presence in Ibiza, Every year has had a different theme (The Good Ship Manumission being my favourite!) and it has always been a place to go to have an alternative night out in an Ibiza club. I always found Manumission to be one big show more than a club night and that’s what i loved about it.

I found that talking to people about it and going there myself with many different friends you either love it or hate it. I found that the Shear size and randomness of the place made it a memorable night every time i went. I didn’t visit Manumission when it was in Amnesia though i feel in the last couple of years Manumission has lost its shine and popularity with the masses which it has always enjoyed.

I hope we haven’t had our last Manumission party in Ibiza and id still love to see Manumission back in privilege which i feel is the home of Manumission.

When we hear anything more official then ill let you know, In the mean time lets hope they play some part of Ibiza 2009

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

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  1. Its a shame, i always loved a night in Manumission, Suppose from Mike and Andy’s point of view its onwards and upwards and the future is Ibiza Rocks.

  2. I’ve had a few years off ibiza, after doing nearly ten years on the trot before that. I’m going back this year and expect alot to have changed. It seems to me that although many people will clearly miss the Mish this year, its really not a bad time for them to call it a day.

    Think about it, the creators of MM are not spring chickens any more and it takes a massive amount of energy to get someting on that scale delivered week in week out. The whole clubbing scene is changing and faster than at any time previously so the question has to be asked whether that kind of event is really viable for much longer, or if at all.

    The current downturn is also going to play its part – not just for MM but for all Ibiza’s big nights. Ibiza has always attracted people from all levels of society and whilst the island would like to think it appeals more to the wealthier end of the spectrum the reality is it is the tens of thousands of clubbers who save their cash to go bonkers for two weeks that has kept the clubbing machine well oiled for the last 15 years or so.

    Those people are worried now – about their jobs, the future, their homes etc and many will choose not to blow a grand on a week in the sun and clubs.

    im not a doom monger and i’m not saying the whole thing is over for the island, but those who go should probably expect much fewer people to be in attendance. If the clubs are forced to keep the same high ticket prices this year I would also predict a few nights not completing the season because they wont be able to attract enough punters to pay 50Euro just to get in.

    This could result in lower ticket prices, but like all deflationary measures it just ensures that people will hold on to their cash even tighter in the hope that a cheaper deal will be around the corner tomorrow night.

    As a result the bars should clean up this year. Anyone who puts on a free (or at least very cheap) small night with an interesting music policy will win customers away from the clubs. If they don’t take the piss on the drinks prices the opportunity for bar owners is huge.

    My feeling is that the MM crew are essentially really good business people and know that they now have a worldwide reputation which can be exported to the countries that are the biggest followers of their brand (oh yes, MM is a brand). Why pay hundreds going to ibiza when you can stay home and experience it for tens of pounds/euros? it might be a slightly reformed version of MM depending on where its staged but people will go – especially if they know it isn’t being seen in its full size version in Ibiza.

    The MM people will make a pile of money – something i reckon they havn’t really done like some would imagine over the last few years and then wave goodbye to it all. Perhaps we will see the odd one off extravaganza once or twice a season or maybe it will get sold off and become a slightly more chaotic version of Cirque du Soleil. Maybe they will just take a break until there’s a bit more financial certainty across Europe, where most of their punters come from.

    Who knows.

    My guess is that this is probably the last hurrah from them. A farewell tour, and if so, then good luck to them. They have provided those who saw it with memories that will last…well, forever i suppose. And those that didn’t get to see it will perhaps be inspired to try doing it themselves and produce another clubbing legend.

    All good club nights have a sell by date, and perhaps this is where MM should draw the line before it starts smelling a bit stale.

  3. The reason why manumission is no longer in these Ibiza clubs is because the owners have got just too greedy i imagine they cant make a profit with all the money the clubs want to put events on i expect when they first started they got most or all of the door take rightfully so , now the clubs like privilege amnesia etc just put big name DJ on them self’s its just not the same as it used to be , for me Ibiza has kinda lost it the spirit is just not the same anymore this plus the price to get in clubs 45euros and cost of drinks i paid 16 euros for a vodka coke thats now the equivalent of £16 maybe we need another good party island were English club promotors and others can get together and put on the kind of nights we love !

  4. Hi Bounce

    I dont think its down to them not being able to make money, if that was the case then there would not be a night life in Ibiza.

    Manumission left privilege because the club got fined on a manumission night and they argued over who should pay the fine, this meant Manumission leaving the club as they were told they were not aloud back until they paid it.

    Manumission in Amnesia quite obviously flopped, i never went to it myself when it was in amnesia because to me Manumission is all about the size and the wow factor privilege can provide. Add this to the fact Ibiza Rocks is so successful and they dont need to hang on to Manumission for the time being.

  5. manumission in amnesia 2008 was still a good night less wow but more intimate than ku. i went to most other amnesia nights in 08 and mish seemed the quietest one but for me still a better party than cream espuma pfi and m i i etc but with only half the numbers as the popular cocoon. am pretty sure manumission will be back in 2010 at space ,hype will be back, the" it "crowd will return and the numbers will follow i think it would have to be a friday, the old mon slot is too competetive with circo,shm ,tiesto and the mighty cocoon, aswell as the venue the music policy would also have to evolve and if it did this surley would be the first ever successful promoter comeback on the white isle.can they do this? find out on the 18th of june. see you on the terrace………….

  6. Reading a thread over on Ibiza Spotlight it seems like there may be no Manumission in Ibiza in 2009! January see

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