No Ferry Corsten @ Cream 24th June 2010

Ive just seen it come through on my twitter stream that Ferry Corsten will not be playing in Cream @ Amnesia tonight.

6 hours ago Ferry tweeted

On my way to Ibiza now for Cream @ Amnesia tonight! Let the summer begin ladies and gentlemen…;-)

Unfortunalty, all KLM flights have been cancelled flying over French airspace because the air traffic controllers are on strike again. These guys were on strike and caused delays for me getting over to Ibiza when i did, It seems they have taken Ferry and Cream as a casualty. His last post was

Sorry people but I really can’t make it to Ibiza tonight! We’ve tried ALL possible options incl. private jets!!! Due to the situation in France everything is messed up, so I will NOT be able to perform at Cream Ibiza tonight! I am terribly sorry for those who expected me to be there…

I can really feel for him and anyone meant to see him tonight, in 2009 Ferry was amazing and i would be devastated if he couldn’t make it because Ferry in Amnesia is an amazing night.

The lineup for tonight was meant to be

Thursday 24th June
Main Room

Ferry Corsten
Adam Sheridan

Mixmag Terrace
Hosted By Ibizan Heat

Calvin Harris (DJ Set)
Riley & Durrant (Galaxy FM)
Ibizan Heat DJs

Source: Ferry Corsten Twitter

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