Mr Pedros Ibiza Blog Session

Mr Pedros Ibiza Blog Session

Today we have the first of what i am hoping to make a series of Mixes from Dj’s in the UK. All have played in Ibiza in the past and they are all well worth a listen. I have started it off by invitation only. A small mix of Dj’s i have contact with who will provide a more underground sound.

To start of with i have a mix from Mr Pedros. I first heard Mr Pedros many moons ago in the basement of a restaurant.  Dusted was his night in Middlesbrough, the ceiling was about 7ft high, it was hot, sweaty, and it was one of the best nights in the area at the time!

Since those days Mr Pedros has moved on, You can find him playing in the Manchester area but more recently he has been locked away producing. He has had great success with his track Bang The Drum which was signed by Steve Angello’s label Size and also got a remix from AN21.

Mr Pedros latest productions have also been picked up by two different labels showing that Mr Pedros is in demand!  Tinpot Orchestra has been signed by an underground Manchester label ‘Quadraphonic’ and No Justice has also been signed by ‘Whartone’

Hi Mr Pedro’s, thanks for doing a mix for us, for people that have not heard you before how would you describe your style?

Good day sir , For people who haven’t heard my style i like to describe it as deep underground biscuit beats and animal tech. Its all about getting that voodoo groove on 😉

I like it! Your a Dj and producer, do you prefer one over the other or is the ultimate feeling being able to play your own productions in your sets?

I DJ using Ableton so producing my own stuff really helps as I’m doing a lot of things on the fly. They come hand in hand so i love them both equally. I really enjoy dropping my own stuff as well as re-edits and bizarre bootlegs that no-one else has and by using Ableton this gives you more scope to be more artistic and original in your sets by producing and building as you play.

If you was going to organise your own party in Ibiza what would it be? Big Club? Hidden Club? Boat? Villa? Hotel pool? beach? Cave?

I would prefer it this way:

Start in hotel pool then onto a boat, after that into a big club then onto a hidden club. once that’s been rinsed onto a beach (which has a cave) then after party at the villa !!!

(is that allowed 😉

Truthfully though i really like the more intimate parties. So hidden club or villa parties would be nice. Although a beach gig would be good also as i used to run the 3 day beach parties in the North East of England a few years back.

Who would you have in your lineup?

Thats a tricky one 😉 probs something like Steve Lawler/Detlef/Francois K/Soulclap/ !!
Oh and me and my buddies Jaun Kidd and Sickelektrik.

What is your most memorable moment in Ibiza?

There are to many to  mention but one that stands out is Watching Space terrace go off to my track “Bang the drum”.

I imagine your in business for moments like that!

I know its early, but do you have any plans to play in Ibiza in the coming season?

Im currently in the process of finalising some gigs so yes i will be over there throughout the summer. my first trip is beginning of July so ill post up my dates when sorted !!

Finally if people cant see you In Ibiza this summer were can they hear you play?

If people miss me in Ibiza then people will be able to find me playing for a couple of new nights coming up. One is a night ran by the Sickelektrik boys called “Statement” in various North West venues and another is Juan Kidds new Monthly night “God Save The Scene” upstairs at Sankeys. I will also be making an appearance at a few of the Summer festivals as well as some guest spots for “Electronique”

Well thank you for taking time out for me today, ill let the music do the talking from now, and good look for the coming season 🙂

If you want to stalk Mr Pedros, you can find him here




Mr Pedros podcast

Enjoy 🙂

Mr Pedros Ibiza Blog Session

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