More Trouble for DC10

It has been reported in a newspaper in Ibiza that the owner of DC10 could face jail for ‘failing to obay a council order’. The order that he apparently ignored was an order by the council that meant he could not open for the DC10 closing party in 2006 and also for DC10’s party on new years day 2006. If the order was ignored the owner faced a penalty of €1500. The owners defence is that he had the parties and paid the fine which was given as a punishment for having the parties.

The council haven’t seen it this way and he could now face 1 year in prison for his actions. As it has been said in the source of this story 1 year in prison seems a very harsh punishment for throwing a couple of parties especially after he has already paid the fine. Im not familiar with spanish law but from an outsiders perspective it seems like they have changed the rules just for him which would fit in with the roumour that the powers that be in Ibiza are doing anything they can to try and stop the party at DC10.

Source: Ibiza Voice

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