Meganite & Cream Opening – Review

Nostrum has been back out partying and bringing back some nice reviews about these nights and a quality photo of the new Terrace in Amnesia.

meganite opening, wed june 11

we arrived at 1 and privi main floor was just getting busy. gabry fasano played the warm-up, he began minimal-ish and slowly took the energy higher. 90 minutes later, it was adam beyer who took over and by then, the main floor was really busy and his energetic set was reflected by the people’s moves and shouts – great! later, meganite head-honcho mauro picotto (who will play every wednesday there this summer) closed the opening night with a state-of-art techno set…good to have meganite back on the island!

cream opening, thu june 12

i got to amnesia at around 1:30am. sasha was already playing in the main room. his set was proggy, with some trancey twists, quite deep and laidback in the beginning and then got harder towards the end. the main room was busy from early on while for the terrace, it took much longer until it was really busy (it never got packed that night, also a sign the island’s not full yet, but i think no one on the terrace had a bad feeling about the place not being rammed). on the terrace, it was a housey story with a lot of electro put in. here’s the terrace, nicely cream-decorated and laser-lit:

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back in the main room, short before 4am, paul van dyk entered the dj booth and continued where sasha had stopped – powerful prog at first, and then trancey stuff (including his “half a world away” for example).

i didn’t stay till the end because i had to get up early today, but still, it was a very enjoyable night at amnesia and cream will be a winner this year as it is every year! the only thing that was missing last night was the ice machine…it neither worked on the terace nor in the main room…but i’m sure it will be back working soon!

Source: Nostrum – Ibiza Spotlight

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