Matinee @ Space 2008

OK another night ive not been to in Ibiza and im not to sure what its like. Its Saturdays and its at Space and i think if you havent been before like me then maybe we should make the effort!

August 2nd
Taito Tikaro

August 9th
Taito Tikaro

August 16th
Taito Tikaro

August 23rd
Taito Tikaro

August 30th
Taito Tikaro

September 6th
Taito Tikaro

September 13th
Taito Tikaro

September 27th
Taito Tikaro

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3 thoughts on “Matinee @ Space 2008”

  1. Until the new opening time laws was my fav daytime event on the Island. Much better than WLS if not cutting edge musically then definately from a fun factor POV.

    A very spanish crowd and massive ques at 8am made this event for me. Nominally a gay event but basically is a mixed crowd with hot men and women everywhere.

    Just curious to see how it pans out with the 430pm openings though this will still be a corker.

    Only decision for me is whether to check this out or the Zoo project this year (or both)

  2. Hi Sam

    One thin i have learnt about Ibiza over the years is that the party never stops. They can bring new laws into place and put restrictions on things but it wont stop the party’s being the best there is. im sure Matinee will carry on being a great place to go. As for this or Zoo project, i would say do both if you can!

  3. Hi Gary,
    Seem comment as Sam…for me Matinee was the best party last year…similar music as La Troya with a lot of beautiful people and great athmosphere…
    ARe you going there this Saturday to comment on the opening..would be great to know…i’ll be there only in 2 weeks…

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