Manumission @ Amnesia 2008

Manumission will have their opening party this year on Friday June 13th. This was the expected opening date after amnesia moved their opening party forward one week. Manumission carry on where they finished last year in Amnesia on Fridays,

This year however they will not be sharing the club as made in Italy have now moved to another night.
At the moment all we no is that the opening party for Manumission will be Xpress-2

June 20th
Xpress 2
Steve Aoki

July 18th
Hannah Holland
Marc Vedo
Princess Superstar

August 1st

August 8th
Xpress 2
Santiago Cortes

August 29th

September 5th
Jon Carter

September 19th
Xpress 2

Source: Xpress-2 Ibiza Spotlight

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