Manumission Theme 2008

Some of you may be aware some of you may not but every year manumission has a different theme and a show that takes in that theme, In the past they have had many themes including, the manumission time machine, The Good Ship manumission and Manumission a Burlesque adventure!!

This year manumission have a theme called the “Coney Island Review“.

Here is what manumission have to say about the show:

With a storyline based on the weird and the wonderful, the Manumission ‘Coney Island Review’ combines a cast of beauties and freaks in a four act tale of Vaudevillian mischief.
Johnny Golden, Antonio Culebras, Polly Fey, Antonio de la Rosa, the Dynamite Boys and the Manumission Girls are merely a few of the names that make up the momentous cast in a tale of kidnapping and cloning, anti-corporate clampdown and chipping, all set within the freaky boundaries of Coney Island.
Set to a soundtrack created especially for Manumission by A Human, and including lyrics penned by the Queen herself, Claire Manumission, the story tells of the evil Frausdter and the Dandy Doctor’s attempt to kidnap and clone the Manumission crew before dooming them forever to a life of Zombie Hedonism set in a dangerous drag room of transvestites…will our heroes escape from the clutches of the Terrible Two and continue on their Manumission World Tour??
Only one way to find out..
Never one to shy from the weird and the wonderful, this year Manumission is also presenting the ‘Freak of the Week’ with special guests including Lucky, the World’s Most Tattooed Man, and Baby with her Acrobatic Vagina..say no more.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

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