Luchiano @ Ushuaia – CANCELLED

Ibiza clubbing  has been through a rough time in the last few years, daytime parties cancelled, DC10 shut down, and dare i say it, nothing really exciting people on mass.

Then, last year Luchiano started playing in a nice beach bar in PDB named Ushuaia. It’s not a place i went to visit last year but over the close season it was a night that was spoken about a lot. This year i was lucky enough to be at the Ushuaia opening this year and WOW, what a party. Luchiano and Reeboot played the opening and they continued with the Sunday parties using them as a pre party for their Cadenza night at Pacha.

Now, news is coming through that the party is over for Luchiano and Ushuaia.

The beginning of this season has been a great one in terms of peoples outlooks for the summer, Ushuaia was part of the reason, a lot of people have been looking forward to getting over there this season and the vibe over there has been really good.

There is no exact news on why the club has been closed down but the Ibiza Rumour mill has been in full force and here are some of the reasons.

Pacha – Pacha has been blamed because people are going to the pre party and not the club night, if this was true, would it not also be hitting Luchiano in the pocket as Cadenza is his night? (please let me know if im wrong there).

Space – Space has been blamed for a similar reason, they have had it shut down because it is taking numbers away from their Sunday parties and with We Love coming up they have shut it down before it’s a problem!

Authorities – The Authorities have also been blamed as now they have requested to see Ushuaia’s licence which they couldn’t produce

I love the ideas people come up with, it’s always about corruption, back handers and a story of them against us (authorities V The Parties).

I don’t believe that it’s the other clubs making this happen. At the end of the day, Ushuaia is simply a popular pre party. Pre parties have always been a feature of Ibiza. Pre parties have been extremely popular in the past, it’s never really stopped people going to the club though, Luciano has a god like following, if he is playing in Pacha, people will go.

In reality it is probably a lot less boring. Its been a few years now since the licensing clamp down hit the headlines of clubland, bars and parties all over the place shut down, its driven some places into history and the place of old wives tales, anyone remember Kanya??!!

The most sensible idea is that of the authorities. This year the opening was rammed, Ushuaia was full to overflowing, the beach was full all the way down to the sea, the sand dunes were packed with people dancing, im not good with numbers but if someone told me 1000 people were in and around the bar dancing i would be happy to believe it.

I would be really annoyed if its been shut down because they don’t have a licence. I don’t think anyone would try to run a beach bar throwing parties these days without a licence. It is more believeable though that the party got to big for the licence Ushuaia held. They may have a licence but does it cover that many people in and around the bar?

I’m sure this story is going to rumble on for a while yet, There are lots of people going over this year that are gutted this has happened, im sure Ushuaia will fight it as it’s a night that filled their tills. I hope the solution isn’t like those hideous tarpaulin walls Bora Bora has to put up every night.

I would look out for a Ushuaia closing party and the word from Cadenza is keep your ear out for were the next party is!

Source: Twitter Ibiza Spotlight Ibiza Voice

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