January (ish) Gossip

Plastick is reconsiddering wheather to move back to their rebuilt location in the west end after a good summer in their new location (near the egg).

Gatecrasher are said to be in talks with space to host their night there which they have done before. Space is also roumoured that they have not signed any contracts for nights in 2008 because at present they are unsure of when the club is going to be open. This will probably also be the reason there has been no word out of space regarding their opening party or any other parties held there.

Pete Tong is roumoured to be upsetting the people over at Pacha, after his descition to move over to Eden in San Antonio for his own night Wounderland @ Eden 2008 it is said that he has tried to persuade the dj’s of Pure Pacha to go and play for his night instead, Im personally no suprised about this, he is going into direct competition with them so they are going to want the same dj’s to play for them.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

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