Its Not To Late

If you are anything like me and you haven’t actually booked your trip to Ibiza yet then dont worry, I have given a bit of an overhaul to my Ibiza Flights page so its up to date, Ive got details of prices for flights for the rest of the season. I have only quoted prices from Manchester or London airports but it gives you a good idea.

If you depart from london and want to go in september for the start of the closing parties then there are some great prices available. Go and take a look to see what is left on my Ibiza Flights page

2 thoughts on “Its Not To Late”

  1. we dont need flights – we live here and we blog about our life in ibiza rather than just copy everything from ibiza spotlight 😉

  2. Thats great! I dont live in Ibiza and the whole point of this blog is to collect information from the internet and put it in one place! Ibiza spotlight are ok with what im doing because i always credit the source with a link.

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