Its All Gone Pete Tong????

According to the winter Gossip thread of Ibiza spotlight Pete Tong has upped sticks and left Pacha to host a night of his own at Eden!! Apparently the contract has been signed. For me, this is a big shock. For the reputation Pete Tong has along with the reputation Eden has amongst the big 6 clubs im really suprised he is starting his own night there. For the last 5 years Pete Tong has been the resident in one of the sexiest clubs in the world that is Pacha Ibiza. His style of music and the clientèle of pacha seemed to be a match made in heaven. Now for 2008 he will start a new night in Eden on a Friday night (Direct competition with his old night at Pacha) called Wonderland. This has been reported as fact, Now ill add a bit of gossip to the post and ask WHY??

My initial thought is mixed. He could have done it because he has had a falling out with Pacha, the night was never his own anyway, it was a night that took over from Ministry of sound and he has just always been a resident. He could be doing it purley because he wants a night to call his own, Another less attractive thought is that he is doing it for the money. Having his own night will make him a lot more money than working for someone else. Judge Jules has his own night there which is one of the busiest and most expensive nights on the island.

I personally think he has made a mistake. Eden has been the kiss of death to a few nights in Ibiza in the past. The best night in Ibiza saw the end in Eden. Godskitchen@Amnesia was an amazing night in Ibiza, after a falling out with Amnesia over the rights of the name Godskitchen went to Eden and after 1 season never returned. I feel that Pete Tong at Eden could be another night that only lasts one season. I have this feeling purely down to the fact that the type of people that would go to see Pete tong would not go to Eden.

I wish him all the best and i would even go and see what its like. lets just watch this space.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

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  1. Im not sure who has written this comment about Eden saying the kiss of death to club nights, but please have a little think at what you are saying. Eden has five extreamly strong nights which have been running for the past 5 Years and that has alot to say as most other clubs change there promoters every two years.

    Pete Tong has had the busiest night in Pacha and it has to be said that the main room is not big enough to cope for the people who want to hear him and his guests, due to the fact the Pacha main room is made up of half Vip (probably more) and half dancefloor so he needs to move to a bigger club and where ? Considering that he has a large British following San An makes and why not Eden putting on average 2500 people through the door every night in a club that holds 4000 not bad.

    People are so quick to slag San An off we all know that its no Ibiza town but its home to the most good looking and unique club on the Island by far Es Paradis and has some of the best pre club bars Plastik and Hush, Bar M oh and i never mentioned the sunset and the sunset bars and radio 1 weekend !!

    So lets see what happens i think this is a great moove for Pete Tong and Eden and even a better move for San An this might make the people who think they are to good for San An and pop into Eden and see it has one of the best mainrooms on the Island.. And is Pete going for the money why fuckin not but i can tell you one thing he is not going to do somthing that he thinks will flop………

  2. Hi Mr San An

    Thanks for your comment, i encourage people to make comments if they disagree with what i say (and if they agree) because it can give a broader perspective, A great thing about Ibiza is the mix of people and their opinions, Ibiza caters for many different people.

    The comment about Eden being the kiss of death was one of my own opinions, i dont mean it in the way that all nights there dont survive cause its not true but it has had its fair share of nights that have not been successful. Personally i stay in San Antonio every time i go to Ibiza and have been in Eden many times. My original commets came from the fact that Eden has had a few nights that haven’t lasted. Godskitchen as i mentioned only lasted one year, lisa lashes night lashed only lasted 1 year on its own, Garlands took up a residency there and im not saying it has flopped but its not spoken about as much as it used to be when it had its party’s at Kanya for instance.

    I personally feel that the type of crowd that would go to Pure Pacha on a Friday would not be the same crowd that would go to Eden on a Friday. From my experience there is definitely an element of snobbish in the Ibiza club scene and unfortunately San Antonio is on the receiving end of it.

    I love San Antonio just as i love the other parts of Ibiza, i just feel that Pete Tong may struggle having a night in Eden unless he has big British support the way judge Jules has at Judgment Sundays.

    I wish him well, i hope i am wrong! Lets see how it unfolds 🙂

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