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There are quite a lot of websites around all about Ibiza, some are run by people who live there and some like this one and are run by people who live in the UK. Just like Ibiza Blog; is a website about Ibiza from more of a Tourist point of view. offers a community (which i have joined) and it also features interviews with Dj’s and their mixes which people can go and download. I always spend the time to go over to and if you join the community it wont be long till people want to be your friend and get chatting.

I recently did an interview for John who Runs and to return the favour and get to know him a little better john has agreed to be interviewed by me.

Q) Is A Great Site, What made you do it and what future plans do you have?

Thanks Gary! I started the site a few years ago after looking for Ibiza listings and realising Ibiza Spotlight was really the only place to look. Don’t get me wrong, Spotlight’s a great site but I wanted to build a site which was written solely from the viewpoint of the Ibiza tourist like me.

I knew plenty of people at the time who’d been visiting Ibiza for many years more than me and were keen to help me write up the nights and share their experiences, certainly without the multiple contributors I’ve had over the past couple of years the site would not of got off the ground.

Going forward I’d like to see the community continue to grow and be a place where people who meet in Ibiza could keep in touch and organise reunions. Starting a new social network is hard though since Facebook engulfed the market!

This season we’ll be introducing user submitted club/ party reviews so members will be able to vote for and review nights they’ve been to. I’m also looking at introducing a shop and selling our own club tickets.

Q) How long have you been going to Ibiza and what keeps you going?

I first went there when I was 20 so 5 years ago this year. As most people seem to agree I fell in love with the place almost immediately. At that time I was only really just getting into the dance scene so that was what got me hooked.

What keeps me going is the ever expanding choice of parties and Dj’s who congregate there. To make a comparison I always talk about music festivals and how for the price of a weekend ticket you can see 20-30 great bands where as if you saw all the same bands at their own concerts it would take all year, mean traveling the length of the country and cost a small fortune. Ibiza’s the same, in 7 days in Ibiza I can see all my favourite DJ’s, many of whom rarely come to the UK anymore, all in the best clubs in the world- to me its a no-brainer!

Q) What is your favourite non clubbing thing to do in Ibiza?

Ibiza beaches are cool but I’d have to say getting the ferry over to Formentera and checking out some of the beaches over there is the best way to spend your day off in Ibiza (not really in Ibiza I guess!). I don’t think many people realise the ferry from Ibiza town only takes about half an hour and Formentera is beautiful, you’ll come back chilled out and ready for another big night!

Aside from that staying in a villa and spending the day by your private pool, BBQ, afternoon beers- you can’t get much better than that.

Q) What are you looking forward to the most in 2009?

I’m really looking forward to Wonderland at Eden actually, I didn’t get to it last year but heard some really good things from some of the other guys who write for my site about that last year and I loved Pure Pacha before it. Pete Tong takes a bit of flack I think but I’ve seen him stacks of times and I still think he can work the crowd like few other DJ’s.

Also the Release Yourself/ Armada night at Amnesia should be well worth a look with Roger Sanchez and Armin Van Buuren, I’m sure that will be a popular night.

Q) What would be your perfect day/night in Ibiza?

Get up, maybe head up to the north of the Island, somewhere like the beach near San Miguel for some food then probably head back to the villa.

The last couple of times I’ve been to Ibiza I’ve stayed in villa’s rather than apartments, I’d recommend this to anyone. If you get a group together it works out cheaper than San An apartments (unless you go for the real bottom end of the market!) and you can’t beat having your own pool and a bit of peace and quiet after a heavy night.

The ‘perfect’ night would probably be something like Manumission (at Privilege) for an hour or two, stop in at Pacha then head to Cream at Amnesia to catch PVD, then Space! If I could ever put that night together I’d be pretty happy!

Q) What night would you like to see on the Island that isnt already there?

There’s a Brighton based night called the Pussycat club ( that I always thought would go down well in Ibiza, probably somewhere like El Divino. The hat club that used to be at Turnmills could go down well at Eden or Es Paradis. I’d also like to see Norman Cook with a residency somewhere.

Quick Fire

San Ann or Ibiza Town?

San An

Sunset or Sun Rise?


Favourite Club?


Favourite Club Night?


Favourite Dj?

Loving anything by the swedish house mafia right now but overall still has to be Paul Van Dyk

Favourite Pre Party?

Don’t usually do pre-parties but BN3 is cool

Opening Party’s or Closing Party’s

Opening party’s

Thanks John for answering these questions, I have to agree with you on a trip to Formentera; a day on the beach over there can set you up for anything!

All that leaves me to say is get yourself over and check out If you use Twitter then why not follow John and his Love Ibiza tweets!

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