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I can often get asked “how much spending money should i take to Ibiza” and go to all the clubs. A lot of people can go to Ibiza and be surprised that their £500 isn’t going to last them a week.

I have blogged about this in the past but it was two years ago and in that time prices and exchange rates have changed so i thought i would write an update as i found last year was a lot different to years previous.


The clubs in Ibiza are renowned for being expensive, when i set up this blog €30 to get in a club worked out at about £18, i have always thought this was a good deal, after all they are the best club in the world, now €30 is more like  £30, still not bad if you were looking at only a couple of clubs on your trip but if you want to go to the clubs regularly then the cost starts to add up. For example, if you go to the main clubs say 6 nights out of your two week holiday then you will be looking at spending between £200 – £300 on club entry.

Once you are in the club then you can expect to pay €6 – €8 minimum for a drink and that’s if you only drink water. A couple of drinks in each club (presuming its water) and you’re  looking at almost another £100, this means so far you are looking at up to £400. Again, i personally don’t think this is a large amount of money to pay for 6 nights in the best clubs ever, however i have had people asking me if they can go to the clubs every night and still have change from £500, The answer is simply no.


Again this is something completely unique for each person who visits Ibiza. If you’re eating crisps then your screwed! with the exchange rate it has made things like bags of crisps and snacks twice the price of what they are in the UK!

In general though the food wasn’t to much of a wallet buster. We found eating in places like BarM, Iticia, Kanya didn’t bust the bank but i would say you will need a minimum of £15 – £25 a day for food if you eat breakfast/lunch and dinner, if your going for 14 nights then expect to need about £350, if you want more fine dining then obviously you will expect to pay more. this means so far we are needing £750


You will be drinking in Ibiza no matter what! weather its water on the beach or a beer before you go out your going to be drinking! If for some reason you are on a water diet in Ibiza then you should be ok, a few pound a day will keep you happily hydrated.

If beer wine and spirits are your poison then you will obviously expect to spend more.  Getting some drink from the bodega before you go out will cheapen up your night, Once your out the main popular bars can take a bit out of your wallet, beers are not to over priced but if your looking for a few cocktails then expect to pay £5 up. Obviously you can find cheaper bars to go in, but if you want to be in the thick of the action then expect to pay money. It would be really hard to put a price on this but i wouldn’t expect to spend less than £300 in two weeks and i don’t drink till i cant speak. after the drinks you will be needing about £1050

One recommendation is that if you hire a car for your holiday then get out of town and visit a supermarket to stock up your apartment. It wont save you 100’s but you will find that everything is a lot cheaper than the main centres.


Once your on the island you have got to travel round, even if its only to go to the clubs, you will still need money for it. You can always use the disco bus which wont break the bank but the chances are you will be getting a taxi back. If you need to travel from one side of the island to another e.g. San Antonio to Playa Den Bossa or Ibiza Town then you can be looking at about £30 – £35 if my memory serves me correctly. over a two period this could easily rack up to about £150, most of the time however you share a taxi so this wont be all for you to pay.

If you leave the club earlier then you could still catch the disco bus back, if not its possible to catch the regular bus back, however i don’t think this is really fair on the locals having to go to work on a bus full of clubbers going home!!

Remember if you get your club tickets from wherever the pre parties are you will often get a free bus to the club, you can often expect to stand in healthy queues to get on them.

In the day time, if you want to travel round the island then i would recommend hiring a car but i would pre book it and pick it up from the airport when you arrive. I found last year that getting a car for 1 week booking in advance was cheaper than hiring a car for 1 day when your in resort. Again if you have any comments about this then please leave comments below.

If you don’t have car hire and pay for taxi’s getting home from the clubs then we can up our total to about £1150


Sounds like a random one but if your there for two weeks the cost of a sunbed can stack up. a sunbed will cost you about £6 a day and unless your hardcore with skin that doesn’t burn then your looking at another £6 for an umbrella for the day. over two weeks you looking at another £100 and that’s not going on the beach every day.

Total after sunbeds £1250

Everything Else

In this post i have just gone through the main parts of your holiday that will take your money. I haven’t listed everything you will spend money on because that will be impossible. Everything is just my experience and everyone is different, A clubbing holiday in Ibiza however wont be done on a few hundred pounds unless you only go for a couple of days. Other things you might spend some money on might be boat trips, presents, souvenirs. I wouldn’t be happy without using the safe in the bedroom which may be a few pounds a day, also if you are not in an air conditioned room then you will need to hire a fan for your stay, again, this is a few pounds so a fan and a safe can take another £60 – £70 for two weeks.

Total after the safe and fan for the room £1300

All together if i was to sum it up short hand i would recommend having £150 – £200 to spend per day. Some days you will not spend it all and wont need to, other days you may spend more. I base this on going to a few clubs a week spending your days on the beach and eating out every night. If you can afford to take more then take more. If you cant afford that much then don’t worry, you can still go and have a great time with less but you cant expect to be in a big club every night.

One thing i will promise however is that no matter how much you spend you will not regret or begrudge one penny of it!

If you have been and think im wrong or think I’ve missed something out then please leave a comment below.

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  1. "A lot of people can go to Ibiza and be surprised that their £500 isn’t going to last them a week."

    Yeah, it's really right! It's very little for one week for Ibiza, if you wont to rest very good.

  2. hi I've been told clubs now cost £85 to get in and drinks £20 each!!?? Do you know if this is correct. Going next week with some younger mates…think i might leave them at some point and check into a health farm!!

  3. Hi Clair

    £85 is a bit far fetched!! club entrance can be anything from €20 to €65 depending on what nights you want to go to.

    Drinks in the clubs are expensive but your looking at €8 for a beer or €12 for a spirit and mixer, best to have a few drunks in your hotel before you go out!

  4. Hi,

    My friends and I are going to Ibiza probabaly in Aguust 2011 for one week.

    We have found a good deal all inclusive & plan to go to clubs on 4 nights & the west end, cafe mambo etc on the other nights.

    Any idea on what spending money we should be taking?

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Hi,
    Do u know if it is cheaper to buy euros in england, or take cash and exchange to euros in ibiza?
    Hope you can help,
    Lauren x

  6. Hi Lauren

    i have found it to be cheaper to get Euros in the UK the last couple of times i have been over. Thomas Cook in the aiport had the best rates for me at the start of the summer,

    last year in Ibiza i got less than €1 to the pound after commission which even with a poor exchange rate was a complete rip off so i didn't chance it this year

  7. Hi Gary,

    Do you happen to know if prices (club entry for example) tend to fluctuate from the busy season to quiter times on the Island? For example would some prices be less in mis Sept than in mid July??

    Hope you can help!



  8. Hi Phil

    It used to be the case that early and late season was cheaper than high season, now it tends to be that early season is a little cheaper for club tickets, they go up in price for high season and tend to stay high till the end of the season.

    This year im not sure what they are doing towards the end of the season but the prices wont change to much

  9. Before you will travel, it is important to budget your money in different stuffs that you will be buying. However, it is still important to have a pocket money.

  10. well at night you can go out to eat in some of the best resurants you will find anywhere, there are plenty of bars to visit if you dont like clubs.

    In the mornings there are endless things to do, there is a whole island to discover so hire a car and start driving!

  11. Hi, I have booked a holiday with my friends and read that it is cheaper entry for clubs if you buy your tickets in advance, we wanted to start booking so we know exactly what money were going to be spending. Could you tell me where a good site to get tickets are and when they start to go on sale? I have been looking and havent found that tickets are available to buy yet, maybe I am looking in the wrong place?
    Thanks, Alexandra

  12. hiya im going to ibiza for a week beginning of august any suggestions on how much i should take im goin half board. and im planning 2 go out every night not nessesirily all clubs. can u have a good time generally just in the bars? last year i went kavos and onlt went to a club 1nce the atmosphere in the bars was gud x

  13. Hi rosanna

    It all depends were you want to go and were your staying. If you want bars there are plenty about that have the pre parties to the clubs, they still wont be cheap though. If you only want cheap bars then you can go to the west end but in my opinion its a waste of time going to ibiza if you are only interested in the west end.

    when i go this year ill be planning on having £100 a day per person. last year when i went i spent £700 in 5 days quite easily, though the bars we went to were expensive and we were buying drinks in the clubs which is very expensive.

  14. hi…heading there in august and probaly will be drinking the most of the time…planning on drinking in the apartment alot…would 1000 cover ya

  15. Hey was wondering there like a strip or something with bars/clus in it where drink is maybe a bit cheaper? And how much roughly would a litre of vodka cost in a shop..just wondering if to buy at duty free at the airport?

  16. Hi Clair

    getting booze from the shops is the cheapest way to get drunk!! There is a strip in San Antonio called the west end, i couldn't actually tell you what the drinks prices are like there as its not an area i visit unless im walking past it!

    You dont need to get your beer in the duty free, its cheap enough in the shops, my main tip would be if you are near the beach or the harbour area then chances are the prices will be higher than they should be. If you are staying more at the back of town then it will be cheapest there.

  17. Iyaaa, me an my mates are goin in august for a week, well most deffinately be goin to all the big clubs every night without a doubt! wer plannin on takin about 1200.. is that enough? or would you say we need more? 🙂

  18. Im going with a friend in august for a week and it will be our first time in Ibiza we are going to be staying in Antoinio bay , we are bringing about £1300 each and we are party animals,, so yeah we will be in every club every night would you say thats enough for the two of us each ??

    Thanks from the Navy Bros

  19. Hi I’m going to ibiza at the end of july 2011 for a week. Obviously I plan to go out an have a good time and drink. I’m not into drugs so won’t be wasteing money on that. Looking on going on garlands boat. Zoo project, space, pacha and few more how much would I need for the week? I’m half board where I’m stayin but not bothered about eating tbh haha thanks

  20. This might be a bit niave of me but me and my friends are going to ibiza in a few weeks, we are all inclusive and there for 7 days 6 nights.. planing on going out to about 3 big clubs.. would €100 a night be enough, I dont need to worry about food or pre drinks?

  21. Hi Gary,

    Me and my Girlfriend are going to San Antonio for 10 nights and we are Ibiza virgins! We have £1250 each do you think that will be enougth? that will include going out every night and 4 nights in the big clubs such as (space, Paccha,Amnesia,Eden)

    Also could you suggest any good places for (cheap drinks, food,club tickets)

    Regards Seb

  22. heyy i’m staying for a long weekend at the very end of july 2011 staying in san an right on the strip (chosen for cheapness, I know it’s not for everyone!) never been to Ibiza before and from the sounds of it, it can be very expensive! Is there anyway at all to go on a budget? I’m taking 500E for 4 days 3 nights and will be going out every night & day, pre-drinking & won’t be drinking in the clubs! Do you think that will be enough???

  23. There are various free entry venues all year round, mainly in the west end. The main big clubs will not be free entry.

    If you need to keep it cheap, try going to Sankeys in PDB, they have top quality nights without charging the earth to get in.

  24. Im heading over for radio 1 weekend, staying for a week. I’ve herd the club and drink prices rise dramatically during this period, presumably as its the busiest time on the island. i would of thought normally that £1000 for a week would be sufccient, however, would you need more during this time??

  25. Also does anybody know of any gud gyms that i can attend when im over.. I need a gym that will tolerate my extreme swining (its my thing). Love the island , but love swinging to

  26. Hay Swim Dog, im not aware that the clubs put the prices up for Radio 1, ive been to a radio 1 weekend before and i dint notice a difference.

    if the £1000 is just for you, then you will be fine. As for gym’s, there is one in San An behind Kanya (or their used to be ) there will never be one to far away.

  27. hey guys,

    i was in ibiza in june there i changed over £680 into euros i was there for 10 nights, Ibiza is only going to be really expensive if you want to do the big clubs every single night if thats the case then you will be looking at 1000 even more. Me and my friends only done two of the big clubs pacha and privlege taxis there and back where quite expensive drinks in there were shocking prices didnt stay long in the clubs they were far too busy and too warm !! but you have got to experince them if your in ibiza. westend is great prices are ok just like uk. prs come up to you and try get you into places we got 4 triples vodkas and 2 shots each for 10 euros. we were drinking before we went out aswell. one of the night i just took my plastic cup out with me with my own drink and went into some bar and noone seen me lol. eating out is actually ok prices aswell. I would say from my first experice i was running low the last 2 days so i would say change over 750 if its 10 nights. also if it is a clubbing holiday i would recommend booking it as a package so you have a rep !! We bought a package deal with rep 2 booze cruises with free drink, 1 euro bar, uv party night with a 1 hour free bar. For 90 euros, IBIZAAAA IS AMAZING PLACE, one night we just took a carry out down to the beach aswell and watched the sunset. Hope this helped someone abit. ohhh forgot aswell best place to get deals like free entry into clubs etc is go down to the beach prs come up to you with great offers !! we got a free wristband into one of the smaller clubs eden usually costs 25-30 to get in !!

  28. Hello, Im thinking of going next year either in June or August, Im planning on going all inclusive, so drinks and food are all paid for. How much in this case would I need to take for a week? x

  29. Hi Tais

    Firstly, i would not go all inclusive, it may save you on drinks and food but that means you do not go out for food and drink, and that means your missing out!

    You should support the local restaurants and bars, Ibiza has amazing food on offer.

    Anyway, forgetting that little rant, i would say eating in the hotel would save you €20 – €30 a day, if you were to eat in the better restaurants then it entirely depends on where you go.

    I reckon i was spending up to €30 during the day on drinks and food.

  30. Ok that’s fine 🙂 ill have a think about that 🙂 but hypothetially if i was to go all inclusive and not have to spend money on food and it’d help with the drinks, how much would you say to take? x

  31. On a night out in a club I would allow €100 minimum including the club ticket, i would make sure have €20 – €30 for drinks in the pre party, so all in all a day with a club in it would be about €100 – €130. If your just going to some pre parties, it would be a €50 night I recon. From that work out what you plan to do.

    If you just plan to drink first, go straight to the club and not drink in the club then its your ticket price then about €20 for some water, remember, you can’t drink the tap water and a small bottle is usually €8 in a club so €20 is only two small bottles, not much if your in there 6 hours or so.

  32. Hi I know some people may frown upon this question but are *****,****, easy to get over their in the big clubs? and at how much? 🙂

  33. Hi Daniel

    I have slightly edited your comment but still published it. I dont want my blog to be a place to discuss drugs and how to obtain them. All that needs saying is that you wont have any problems.

    Hope that helps and you understand


  34. are the prices different in March and April, cuz i’ve heard that Ibiza is really expensive on summer holiday. I already booked my flight and hotel from 27th March till 3rd April, and I was looking to spend there about £500. after i read ur blog i’m thinking to change my trip to somewhere else 🙂

  35. no you will be ok at that time of the year, the clubs and expensive bars are not really open at this time of year so you should be fine.

  36. Hey Gary first of all thanks for this post , i have a question i’m nearly 19 years old and i’m wondering if i will be able to have fun 100% because as i see older people go alot to ibiza more than 18-19 years old , there ages will be like 21-30’s i’m not sure of what i’m saying that’s why i’m asking you is there alot of people aged 18-19 and is it legal to go to clubs and drink and all that kind of stuff ? thanks alot man

  37. Hi Sinan

    Ibiza is an island of all ages, I first went without my parents at 17, had a great time. Im now 30 and im still going and im still having a great time!

    I was in Space last year and there was a couple in their 70’s having a drink in one of the side rooms.

    Ibiza isnt about age, its about people loving their music and just wanting a good time.

  38. Sorry mate but few questions, going in September 14th how much should I roughly take wont be going clubs everynignt im more of a bar have a laugh guy, defo hit couple clubs for experience! Im all inclusive too so nit too sure on how much to take I was thinking 600-700 what ya think?

  39. Really helpful, thank you! Although I am nervous that the prices will have gone up even more now, haha!

  40. I wouldn’t expect the prices to have changed much, they allways seem to have been the same! The only thing that makes it more expensive is the exchange rate, and that can’t get any worse than it has been!

  41. Hi gary

    I am a student who is finishing university in summer. My budget for this holiday is 6000 pound. Do you think this is going to last me long?

    And also, I am not from UK. I am from China. So I am just wondering is that easy for making friends there? Because most of my friends are not insterested in this. Therefore I have been thinking for finding a few friends before going to share a place together, do you think this is possible? I really dont wanna stay in a hotel alone really.

    Another question is, I heard some bad comments about this places which they said this is the place for a lot of one night stands, is that true?

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration, have a good day!

  42. Hi me and a large group of my friends are going in august to ibiza. We have booked all inclusive coz everyones staying in the same hotel so plan to eat and drink there before we go out. We are only going for 7days but have bought bands that get us into 4 clubs for raves that are on through there, the band also includes pool party and boat rave during two of the days have you any idea how much spending money I would need for 7days ?

  43. going to ibiza in august 😀 was just wondering gary would i be ok with £1300-£1400 spending money for 10 days ? thanks

  44. Hi Gary great article, i’m going out to ibiza beggining of July for a week, we’ve planned to go to 1 boat party and 2 big clubs and the rest of the nights in the bars eg west end sunset strip, were all inclusive and i am taking £600-£700, you reckon i can get by ok?

    Cheers, Paolo.

  45. Marko,

    Yes, if you are ever looking for a one night stand then Ibiza is the most likely place on the planet you are to get it without having to pay. 😉

  46. Hey, i’m going to ibiza in 13 .7 and i’m staying for 10 days i already paid flight tickets and hotel (breakfast included) now for spendings. is it enough to take with me 1000 Euro’s ?

    “i don’t have more than that budget for spending” i wanna know is it enough

    Thank you .!

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