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I’ve not listened to Ibiza Rocks Radio for a while, and to be fair, i wast even sure if it was on out of the season, however, tonight between 6 and 7pm uk time, Ibiza Rocks Radio s broadcasting live with video! I’ve been listening to it for a while and it is a massive improvement on what ive heard in the past.

Doorly is running the show and the music is good. It seems to be completely different to what was played at Ibiza Rocks events last year i.e in the bar and the after party which was particularly poor.

I hope this is a sign of something changing for this years Ibiza Rocks. With the new nights they have planned (we are rock stars) for the Ibiza Rocks hotel in 2012 there is plenty of room to accommodate different types of music under the Ibiza Rocks umbrella 🙂

I’m not sure if this video / radio show is a regular occurrence this year but i hope it is.

Ibiza Rocks Radio / Video Show

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