Ibiza Rocks Overload!!!

Last week i spent all my hard earned money in Ibiza, i stayed in San Antonio because the hotel was nice and cheap 🙂
Part of our week away was to take in Ibiza Rocks on the Wednesday, I’m not a massive fan of indie / rock but i do enjoy my trips to Ibiza rocks. In small amounts i have a good time and then get back to what i love the most which is more dance / electronic orientated music.
This year it quickly became apparent that the guys behind Ibiza Rocks had gone into overdrive to push the brand and the night out. They have the Hotel, Bar, House, Boat and after party in Es Paradis!

All this is fair enough however one of the first things i noticed was Ibiza Rocks bar, as i said i wasn’t in San An last year and i didn’t really take in the news that Bar M had been re branded. Bar M was a great bar. In the daytime they played relaxing but great music, i feel the food they have got in that bar is spot on! I would almost go as far as to say you get to much food, i would always recommend the spicy wings!!

Ibiza Rocks bar was very different however, still got the same great staff, great food but the one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb was the new music policy in the bar, Not surprisingly considering the name change, the chilled out beats have gone and replaced with Indie all day long. For me, the heart of the bar has been ripped out and replaced with something extremely average and dull. Moving on from the day time too night and things got no better. Again, Bar M was a great bar for the evenings, I’ve never seen it quiet and it always has great music. Unfortunately, Ibiza Rocks Bar does not continue that, we went last Sunday just after Judge Jules had played for the JS pre party and again, bog standard Indie was being played and the bar was the quietest I’ve ever seen it in an evening. Do they really expect people going to Judgement Sundays (who had the tidy boys playing that week) wanting to listen to Indie before they head of to the club? I certainly didn’t want to so moved on very swiftly with great disappointment after bigging the place up to a puzzled friend.

The next experience of Ibiza Rocks for me was the gig at the hotel. After hearing the music being played in the bar, there was no chance i was putting myself on a boat for the Ibiza Rocks boat party.

My experience of the gig itself was as good as ever, The Vaccines were the head liners and when i looked at the line up for the whole summer i really thought i had pulled the short straw, they did however attribute to a really good gig. The dreaded dull Indie was playing when we first got their but it quickly livened up. Darwin Deez played great and was very entertaining musically and visually.

The Vaccines came on shortly after and considering how little i was looking forwards to it, i thought they were really good and really enjoyed it. To finish of the night off, Zane Lowe did a DJ set. I’ve seen Zane do a DJ set at the hotel before at an opening party so i knew what to expect. Extreme high energy music that gets everyone jumping up and down like idiots…. CHECK!!

Following the gig at the hotel we gave the Bar a miss and headed back to the hotel room for a short while before heading over to Es Paradis for the after party.

Last time i went to an Ibiza rocks after party was for Reclaim The Dance floor, My memories were of a rammed club, 3 rooms of music including an electro room, Zane played the after party and the seasons residents were 2 Many D’s, It was the night Jordan made an appearance, Again, lots of really good music, heard lots of Indie / Rock influenced dance music which was a change to anything else i had found, but really enjoyed it. I felt Ibiza Rocks had generated a new genre of dance music and they were packing out the club with people wanting to listen to it. Indie Rock Dance was born for me!

Unfortunately, Es Paradis could not have been and different, it was quiet to start off with but when people realised Zane would not be playing the after party it went very quiet very quick. The same old dull Indie music policy had made a return and if i was being very generous i would say it was slightly worse than the bad nights i had in the students union i went to listening to exactly the same music.

The only reason it was worse was because at my universities student union, we didn’t have shit falling out of the skirts of girls walking round the dance floor, seriously, that did happen, and it stank, credit to the staff of Es Paradis it was cleared very quickly but at that moment in time someone walked past with a ‘San An Trash’ T Shirt on, and it couldn’t be more fitting. This was the final straw for us and we left very disappointed.
My personal thoughts on this were, how can something that was so good now be so wrong?

Ibiza Rocks is in every nook and cranny this season in Ibiza. The gigs in the hotel are outstanding, speaking to one person i hear the house is something very special (something I’ll never be lucky enough to see), however, the rest of it all (i can’t comment on the boat party) seems to have no effort put into it, they are there to push the brand, but it’s doing the opposite, i want to go to Ibiza Rocks bar and it make me want to indulge more in the brand e.g. go on the boat, by my gig tickets, indulge in the after party, unfortunately it doesn’t.

I think this blog post is a first for me on this blog as it is very critical. Usually, if i don’t have something good to say then i just don’t say it, everyone has their own opinion and Ibiza is big enough to just avoid and go somewhere else.

On this occasion however i feel begrudged, Ibiza Rocks bar has removed a great bar and venue from the Ibiza nightlife and the number of people visiting the bar each time i went past should be a ringing alarm bell.

The gig itself was exactly what i expected and can’t be faulted but the after party was such a let down to what i expected based on past visits and not a night i expect from the people that brought us so many great nights with Manumission. Despite this blog post, i do love Ibiza rocks but i think they have taken their eye of the quality in an attempt to spread the Ibiza Rocks brand further.

This isn’t a slating because I’m a hater; it’s a slating because something that was great 100% of the time is starting to slip in terms of quality.

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