Ibiza Rocks Bar – Playa Den Bossa

Ibiza Rocks announced last week that they will be opening an Ibiza Rocks Bar / Dinner in Playa Den Bossa for the 2012 season. Traditionally, most things Ibiza Rocks have been in the surrounds of San Antonio.

Moving into Playa Den Bossa will raise some eyebrows and no doubt some people will moan. I personally think it would be a good move. and here is why

  1. I have openly moaned about Ibiza Rocks on here before but one thing that i do love about Ibiza Rocks Bar is the food. I dont recall having some ware reliably great to eat in PDB at good prices. Ibiza Rocks at the very minimum will provide some great food at great prices. I recommend the pancakes for breakfast!
  2. It opens up getting to Ibiza Rocks, ive only stayed in PDB at the very start of the season when not much is open so im not sure if this was put on anyway, but i will presume transport will be put on from the venue.
  3. It will provide some more pre parties. No town can have to many pre parties!

Source: Ibiza Rocks
Images: Ibiza Rocks

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