Ibiza Rocks 2008 – Lineups

Here is the line-up for Ibiza Rocks this year, contrary to what was first thought the Ibiza Rocks Hotel is not the venue for the Ibiza Rocks nights. The nights are being held in secret locations all over the island this summer. this is not the complete line-up as you can tell by the time apart from some of the parties but the line-up is as follows:

May 31st – Hotel Opening Party
The Enemy

June 17th – Opening Party
A Secret Location
The Pigeon Detectives

July 1st
A Secret Location

July 8th
A Secret Location
The Fratellies

July 22nd
A Secret Location

We are Scientists

August 12th
A Secret Location

Reverand and The Makers

September 9th
A Secret Location


September 26th
A Secret Location


If you are interested in flying over for any of these parties then head over to the ibiza rocks website for package deals and more info.

Source: Ibiza Rocks

4 thoughts on “Ibiza Rocks 2008 – Lineups”

  1. Nice!
    Great line-up if you want to listen to something else then beats for a change…
    Still no idea what the locations are?

    It´s going to be a hot summer!

  2. no you wont find out were the locations are, basically you buy a ticket get on the coach and you are bussed there, nobody knows were they are going until they get of the coach!

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