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Ibiza opening parties are some of the best parties you will ever visit in the world. Every year 1000’s of people from all over the world make that special effort to get to Ibiza so they can signal the start of the summer season with parties like no other. Some of the clubs are open through the winter like Pacha but the season starts proper at the end of may. Space is traditionally the first club to open on the same weekend as DC10. The Zoo project also do a special pre season party on that weekend, then the rest will follow shortly after.

Below i have a run down of all the opening parties. All dates given below are 2011 dates, Please note that at this time, the dates below are now out of date and should only be used as a guide for 2012

  • Es Paradis – Opens: 20th May
    Mondays –  – Opens:
    Tuesdays- – Opens:
    Wednesdays – Ibiza Rocks Aftershow – Opens: 1st June
    Thursdays – – Opens:
    Fridays – Water Party – Opens 27th May
    Saturdays – Hed Kandi – Opens: 4th June
    Sundays –  – Opens:
  • Ibiza Rocks Hotel – Opens: 8th June
  • Eden – Opens:
    Mondays – Inside Out – Opens:
    Tuesdays – Clubland – Opens: 7th June
    Wednesdays – Reclaim The Dancefloor– Opens: 9th June
    Thursday- Electric Vendeta – Opens:
    Fridays – Wonderland – Opens: 25th June
    Saturdays – Hed Kandi – Opens:
    Sundays – Judgement Sunday – Opens: 13th June
  • SpaceOPENING PARTY – Opens: 28th May
    Mondays – Mondays Calling – Opens: 13th June
    Tuesdays – Carl Cox – Opens: 5th July
    Wednesdays – Be – Opens: 29th June
    Thursdays – KehaKuma – Opens: 2nd June
    Fridays – Come Together – Opens 1st July
    Saturdays – Café Olé – Opens 18th June
    Sundays – We Love… – Opens: 12 June
  • Pacha – open all year round
    Mondays – Swedish house Mafia – Open:
    Tuesdays – Retro
    Wednesdays – Subliminal – Opens: 2nd June
    Thursdays – F*** Me Im Famous – Open: 26th May
    Fridays – Pure Pacha – Opens: 28th May
    Saturdays – Defected – Opens: 4th June
    Sunday- Vegabundos – Opens: 29th May
  • Privilege – May 30th Opens:
    Mondays – Tiesto – Opens: June 7th
    Wednesdays – Meganite – Opens:
    Thursdays – Monza – Opens:
  • DC10 – 30th May
    Mondays – CircoLoco – Opens: 30th May
  • Gala Nights (the abandoned zoo) – Zoo Opening 28th May
    Tuesdays – Channel Zoo – 29th June
    Saturdays – Zoo Project – Opens: 18th June
  • Amnesia – Opens: 11th June
    Monday – Cocoon – Opens: 13th June
    Tuesday – Armada / Release Yourself – Opens:
    Wednesday – La Troya – Opens:
    Thursday – Cream – Opens: 16th June
    Fridays – – Opens:
    Saturdays – People from Ibiza – Opens:

The information on this page is sourced from emails sent by promoters, the clubs websites and the holly grail of Ibiza information Ibiza Spotlight

16 thoughts on “Opening Parties”

  1. Hi Georga

    if you go in April it will be quiet, Pacha will be open an weekends but as its out of season i don't think there will be a great deal going on. If you want the full on party experience then i would recommend going in September for the closing parties.

  2. i need to know the ibiza 2011 dates asap!

    i wana know if the tiesto opening at priviledge is going to be on 6th june, i realy hope it is as thats my birthday and im going to be there!

  3. i'll be there may 20-23.. so other than es paradis nothing is open? kinda bummed 🙁 and is it open everyday after may 20th?

  4. Fly out thursday morning cant fcuking wait,. Pete Tong friday, Defected Saturday and obv. Space on sunday … with Bora Bora and the Blue Mrlin in between
    7th year on the bounce and still cant get enuff

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