Ibiza Opening Parties 2008

This post is here to inform people of the Ibiza opening parties 2008. Traditionally Space is seen as the first of the clubs to have an opening. This usually takes place around the beginning of June. As it is really early for the 2008 dates i will present you with last years opening dates. Any date that has a * following it means it is last years. If it does not have a * then it has been confirmed for 2008.

For the closing parties please see my post Ibiza Closing Parties 2008
I will edit and keep this post updated when I find out more news so please check back and ill keep you up to date.

The information for last years opening has been collected from Ibiza Spolight For further sources click the link of the night.
* Opening Date For 2007.

27 thoughts on “Ibiza Opening Parties 2008”

  1. Hi, Gary. Here I am again… About these opening-parties dates you have posted. Are they confirmed?? If yes, and you have to choose just one disco, which one it would be? Tks.

  2. Hi Trix

    If the date has an asterix next to it (*) then the opening is not confirmed and it is last years date that is there. If there is no asterix then it has been confirmed. I might turn the date into a link when it is confirmed to were i have seen the confirmation. I have seen an opening date on an E flyer for Amnesia for early June but i cant find any info to back it up so ive left it as last years date for now.

    If i had to choose only one, then i think i would choose Space. the line-ups they have are unreal and they really put 100% effort into starting with a bang.

  3. Hi Gary.. Many Thanks.. i think that, i’ll read this page everyday!!.. i’m from italy, near Milano, (!!–>AC Milan<–!!), and i wish to be in ibiza for space and circoloco opening… last year i’ve enjoy space and dc10 closing party…. very very very goood.. bye πŸ™‚

  4. Great idea putting this blog up Gary, I have been looking for when to book to go out and am using last years calendar, which can be a bit hit and miss, I will be watching this blog daily so I can plan a mashed up fortnight of debauchary.

    You are a top man…..

    Thanks for the effort in putting this together.

    Roll on june…. COME ON!!!!!!!!!


  5. HELLO!!!
    i have a very important question: do somebody know when the first “Fuck me I`m famous”-party will be?
    I can`t find this iinformation anywhere πŸ™
    and I need the dates for the booking of my flight πŸ™‚
    A answer would be soooo nice …

  6. Gary,

    UR the man!!!!!!!!great work…I keep on checking this site nearly each day.
    As expected Space will open on 1st Sunday of June (so the 1st this year).
    I’m especially keen to see when Matinee will open since last years they only opened in July, while last year they had a lot of success.
    Streets of Playa D’En Bossa were never so full as Saturday mornings and afternoons….I hope that due to their success last year they will open already in June….cos MATINEE SHINES ON YOU!!!!! πŸ™‚

    Also really curious if DT will get his night in Space….his gigs last year were off the hook!!! And for me (even though he is already for many years a legend) he really was THE revelation of summer 2007!!!

    Can’t wait for summer 2008…..

    Hasta lluego!

  7. Hi Gary,

    this is Gianluca from Italy, first of all I wanna thank you for the great job you are doing for clubbers from all over the world.
    Now the question is: how Space and DC10 are going to manage their opening hours with the new law restrictions?

  8. Hello Gianluca

    I think for DC10 they will just carry on as they did before but not open till 12.

    I think for space it will be a lot different. Space over the last few years have been having two parties a day, they have been having their morning parties and they have been putting on parties at nights,

    It could go a couple of ways, they could still open at 12 and have their parties in the day and then have a different night on in the evening or more parties like they have on sundays could start appearing, Take Carl Cox for instance his night has been massive at Space and last time i went (quite a while ago) it opened at 6pm, enough time to get some serious terrace action in and then you are there to party the night away.

    With the new opening hours i dont think we will see two parties a day any more but maybe the parties that are on will be on for longer.

    Only time will tell.

  9. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for this great site & your hard work, I’ve been able to book my holiday already due to your information. Do you know when Cream opening party will be yet? I presume it will be Thursday the 19th June? Hope so!! Do you know when We Love…Space is opening too?

    Thanks again

  10. Hiya Jade

    I believe the Cream opening party will be on the 19th June this year yes but ive not posted this date yet as although ive seen the date elsewere ive not seen in confirmed anyware. As for We Love… im not sure, im checking their website and myspace on almost a daily basis so i should be quick off the mark when info is released.

  11. hello Gary…
    today i’m in a 7th heaven ’cause i’ve bougth MY OWN ticket to fly in Ibiza from may 31 to june 6….. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    manymanymany thanks for this infopage…
    see you in space and dc10..

    Hasta en Eivissa

    i will offer you something to drink by our car, in dc10’s parking…. πŸ™‚
    contact me

  12. Gary

    Interst in finding out club dates for Ibiza Summer 2008.

    Also Roger Sanchez dates as there are not about yet for Ibiza and London.


  13. Hi Marco

    There is no Info yet and i have good information that nothing is yet confirmed but when it is it will be here. I believe there has not been any dates confirmed yet because they are awaiting confirmation of opening times.

  14. Hi Gary,

    when is it best to buy your tickets for clubs ie the space opening party – is it best to get your tickets before you go & if so where’s best to buy them?


  15. Hi Laura

    People will always give you different answers to this question. In General i personally leave it till i get there but for something like the space opening i would probably get the tickets before just to be sure. There are loads of places that sell tickets online but i would recommend Ibiza Splotlight. you can always read this post as well with the links to were to get the tickets.


  16. Hello,do you have any idea when Armin van Buuren is coming to Amnesia this year,at what days he will be for sure on stage?
    I want to book my holiday when he’s there.
    I asked the same question at Amnesia’s website,but no reply….maybe you can verifie the date when he’s at Ibiza?


  17. Bit of embarrassing question really, but I’ve been going to Ibiza for the last 4 years and going again this July (Playa d’en bossa again) Always wanted to go to Space but think there may be an upper age limit (I’m 50!) Do you know if there is one. We go to Bora Bora during the day but the sounds coming out of Space sort of draw me in! My 18 year old is coming – do you think she will get in? Plus my 16 year old son and his friend – are they too young?

  18. Hi Dave

    don’t be embarrassed at all, there is definitely no upper age limit in Ibiza as i have been on many occasions and seen people of all ages in many of the clubs.

    Your daughter wont have any problems getting into the clubs, Your son and his friend should be ok as well, i first went at 17 and i never had any problems and when i was that age i looked young for my age.

  19. Hey Dave,
    Don’t worry about being older, Space is a really inclusive crowd and the vibe is generally a bit more mature than most clubs.

    Obviously you have to be GORGEOUS on the Space terrace but that goes without saying!

    I used to work out there and never knew of any problems with younger people getting in either – especially if they are with you it should be fine!

    Probably wouldn’t advise you take your 16 yr olds to DC10 though, it can get a bit crazy in there and you could make an enemy of his friends Mum if you’re not careful!

    Have a great time, see you in Space! x

  20. Hey All

    Does anyone know when bora bora opens?

    I’m going out on 29th for opening weekend and hope Bora Bora is open??


  21. Hi everyone,

    I will be in Ibiza end of next week and it’s our first time there. Could you please let me know if Bora Bora will be everyday or a specific one. And also regarding space opening party, we will arrive on 1st June late in the evening, would they let us in because I read that it will start at 12.00 in the morning..

    Thanks & Hope to cu there

  22. Hi Amanda,

    It says on the Space site that tickets will not be valid after 8pm:


    Last year they were definitely turning people away by about that time as the place was rammed. I think they will sell tickets continually whether they have exceeded capacity or not!

    I’d advise you to wait til you get there to buy tickets if you’re going to be later than 8 – at least that way you wont have lost any money. The party at Bora Bora that night will be awesome anyway as loads of people go there once they are out of Space.
    If you are going for a week you might be better to go to Space early the following Sunday and then straight to the airport…

  23. Hi again,

    Many thanks for your advise, I’ve contacted Space too and they’ve told me that they will be selling tickets at the door and didn’t mention anything regarding capacity of the club but Spotlight did… Hope we will be lucky enough, if not we’ll party at Bora Bora. So it will be held everyday?


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