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  • Ibiza NYE 2008

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    Nov 4

    So the summer season is finished and winter is well and truly here, How about nipping back for a couple of days? Sound good? Well you can. Pukka up are organising trips to Ibiza for NYE this year and they are flying direct from Manchester and Stansted. You can choose from 4 star or 5 star accommodation. Prices are £399 and £599. For this you get flights to Ibiza with airport transfers, You get admission to to Pacha on new years eve. You also get admission to the secret Pukka Up after party and a goody bag!

    Pukka up say they are the only people doing direct flights from the UK to Ibiza this New year. They are selling 115 tickets to boys and the same to girls.

    Sounds to me like it would be a good chance to get over to Ibiza during the Off season, however last year i believe the flights got cancelled a couple of days before New Year so try and sound it out before you go and book.

    Source: Pukka Up NYE

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3 Responses to “Ibiza NYE 2008”

  1. “Pukka up say they are the only people doing direct flights from the UK to Ibiza this New year.”

    have pukka up not heard of ryanair ? 😉

  2. Hi ade

    thanks for the info, Im guessing the ryanair flights through the winter are something new to this year?

  3. maybe pukka up have noted that there is life beyond the watford gap? airports in northern england bring more visitors to ibiza than from any other region in britain (including london). so why enhance a few days break in ibiza with a 8, 10 or 12 hour round trip to stansted?

    for the vast majority of people living in britain there may as well be no direct flights in the winter – it’s easier, quicker and (possibly) cheaper (given ryanair’s baggage allowances) to fly via barcelona or palma.

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