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Ibiza has always been a good source of gossip. In the last couple of years more so than ever, this has been due to the Council in Ibiza clamping down on the party side of the island and making them stick to a few rules. Some of these rumours are a little old but as this is a new site I will start with some things that have happened since the closing last year.

Amnesia are set to take on the Defected night instead of pasha and also Daft Punk are rumoured to be residents for 2008 but it has not been said who for. (cream maybe?)

Space is in the rumour mill as Yo****oshi and Danni Tenaglia are said to have residencies.

The Ibiza government could be demolishing six restaurants in Ses Salines and Es Cavallet including Guarana, Jockey club, Sa Trinxa, Malibu, El Chiringuito and Chiringay. This is because they were built illegally and the government want to protect the sand dunes. The word spreading round is that they will be demolished but having a read round one person pointed out that because they don’t meet building specifications then they could be changed to comply and not need to be demolished. I personally hope they don’t have to be demolished.

Heaven in Ibiza has been closed down. The police have sealed the doors and the owner has accepted an offer for the club to sell it to be redeveloped as flats. They are now looking for a new place for a club in the Playa Den Bosa area.

Please note i have tagged this as Gossip because that is all it is, I am not passing any information on in this post as fact.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

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