Ibiza Countdown!

Hello everyone

Summer is here!!! My name is Paul and Gary has very kindly let me write a blog on his site that I hope will appeal to Ibiza veterans and newbies alike. If you have already made a pilgrimage then I am sure at some point you have struggled to explain to your friends or people who arent quite up on the scene how special a place Ibiza is? If you havent made it there yet then I urge you to read this blog, believe the hype and have the time of your life at the centre of the universe!!!!

You cant really put your finger on it but there is something about that island and the beautiful crazies that inhabit it that is so infectious that it has us thinking about it 24 hours a day 7 days a week until that time comes back round that we can shake reality loose and be who we want to be in a sea of hedonism and music!

I am going to Ibiza again this summer on the 17th of July with a small group of friends, all white isle veterans and what I want to bring to you is first of all a countdown of what we are looking forward to, past exploits, expectations and then ultimately diary of our experiences for the 7 days we are over there, a blow by blow account of what the island has to offer!

The fact of the matter is however that you could get one hundred people writing one hundred accounts of their experiences and all will be as dazzling and as different as the last! Ibiza addicts all over the world  I hope you enjoy reading about our time on planet Ibiza and it sets you up for your summer of peace, love and music!

Much Love


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  1. looking forward to reading your blog iv been back for 3 week now n planning next years trip already!

  2. ive checked it out and you can gets flights, tickets for space closing and accommodation with two sharing for about £185 in October

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