Ibiza Consell Inspections To Rise In 2008

Last year in Ibiza there was always a story appearing every week about places being closed because of the wrong ‘Licence’. the most well known establishments to fall foul of this last year were places like Kanya, BarM (Ibiza Rocks) and Bora Bora the year before. That’s not all though, in the Ibiza online community many people saw this as the consell targeting the parties in Ibiza and trying to shut them down, in reality I don’t believe this to be the case. Many hotels and restaurants have also been closed over the last year due to having the wrong licence.

The reason this is happening is purely because the consell in the past have let things like this go and now they are enforcing the rules that they have let slip in the past. This has meant that the places we love are being forced to change. In 2008 i expect more stories and closures as the Ibiza consell increase the number of inspections it carries out. If bars and clubs don’t have the correct licence then at some point they will be closed till they get the correct licence.

A personal view of mine about all this is that restaurants, clubs, bars and hotels have become a victim of their own success, when these places applied for licences then maybe they had the correct one, with success comes people and if the Spanish licence structure is anything like the UK structure then not much has to change to break the licence.

I hope all the owners in Ibiza have been busy this winter checking their licence and applying for the correct ones if they haven’t, Fingers crossed for 2008!

Source: Ibiza Sun

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  1. I heard over the weekend from friends with close ties to Ibiza that no license will be granted for clubs to open between 6am and 12pm… ie. no Space carry-ons and early closing for many clubs. Can anyone confirm these rumours or otherwise??

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