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One thing that many people ask through out message boards about Ibiza is weather you should buy your club tickets before you go to Ibiza or wait untill you get there. There is no right or wrong answer to a question like this really, there are pro’s and con’s on both sides. People who sell tickets online will obviously tell you to buy them online (i would if i sold them!!). But waiting till you get there can have its benefits.

Buying Before you Travel
If you buy your club tickets before you travel you are guaranteed to get your ticket. If its for an event such as Ibiza Rocks then this is a good thing (ive missed out on this because they sold out). The second great plus side of buying your tickets online before you travel is that with most clubs you will be able to use the VIP entrance which cuts down on the queing you may have to do.

Down sides to buying before you travell is that you need to take your passport and bank card with you to the club to get in, for me this is a big negative. A great suggestion is that you could pick up your ticket during the day from a bar maybe so you dont need to carry important documents with you, Also if you have bought tickets for a group of people then you will all need to be together at the same time to get in. Im not 100% sure about this next part but i expect buying tickets online may also restrict you to a certain date, IE you couldnt postpone till the week after if you are feeling rough.

Buy Tickets In Resort
For me personally i prefer to buy tickets when im out there. I feel i have more freedom to change my mind on what nights to go to, Also you can pick up a few extras with the tickets, Some of the bars will offer a free coach if the nights pre party is there, ive also got a few freebies when ive bought tickets like free cd’s even free drinks in the bar! I have also been given free entry to clubs and greatly reduced entry prices when i have been out there. I got 2 free tickets for Armada once just sat in the pre party as they started to give them out to anyone who wanted them, ive also known Eden and Es Paradis to give tickets away when it gets past 12 midnight.

Also remember that the nightclubs never sell out, apart from Ibiza Rocks (who has greatly reduced capacity compareed to the clubs). Ive been to Ibiza in every month of the summer and i have never known a night to sell out in any of the big clubs.

Saying all this i would not expect you to have as much fun with buying tickets out there during high season. You would not get them any cheaper but you may still get your free coach, Then you need to decide free coach or VIP entry? i think i know what i would rather have!

Club tickets for 2008 are not yet available as far as i know but if you are interested in buying your tickets online before you travel then i would reccomend you buy your tickets from the Ibiza Spotlight Ticket Shop

What is your experiance of buying your club tickets? Leave a comment and share your experiance with others.

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  1. so do you think that David Guetta at Pacha on the 29th of July will still have more tickets available for when i get there, just al the sites are saying sold out atm.

  2. There will be tickets available when you get there, everywere said the opening party was sold our but it wasn’t.

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