Ibiza Club Opening Times Decided

This saga has been rumbling on for a long time now and as with anything there has been that much said about it it has not been clear as to what exactly is happening, Yesterday the council of San Jose Ibiza made the decision on when the clubs will open. The council of San Jose covers Space and DC10 but it is expected that all the other councils in Ibiza will follow suit to make the opening times the same all over the island.

This means that the clubs in Ibiza are now restricted to opening times between 4.30pm and 6am

There was some mention about no sound systems being aloud on the beach as well though this but has not been explained properly, There seems to be a little confusion weather it means beach bars or people throwing parties on the beach and bringing there own sound!

Either way Ibiza has now changed for some people though im still looking forward to geting there this year with or without morning opening times!


San Antonio have not followed suit with the opening times being restricted to 4.30. Clubs and bars in San Antonio are aloud to open at 12 noon, San Antonio council said that because the cafes and bars fell under the same law as the nightclubs they didnt want to restrict the bars to play music after 4.30.

This is good news as now Mar M, Iticia and specially Orange corner can put music on from 12 noon.

Source: Solo Records Ibiza Spotlight

12 thoughts on “Ibiza Club Opening Times Decided”

  1. From what i believe they will be able to open at 12 noon for the opening and closing parties, Not as good as 8 but better than 4.30.

    Still you will have a mint time so i wouldn’t let it worry you 🙂

  2. I wonder what this means for Matinee at Space on Saturday mornings? Sexiest party and best music on the island by far…

  3. Its all a bit vague at the moment and maybe we wont properly understand till everything is open and we cans see for ourself.

    As far as i understand it at the moment Bora Bora will not be able to play music before 4.30. The bar can still open and serve alcohol, it just cant play music

  4. Damn, it’s my first time in Ibiza and we’re staying at Jet Apartments, had heard loads about the constant parties on Bora-Bora Beach – so they will not be happening now?

    The council seems really draconian, very surprising considering the parties and clubs are the main reason people go to Ibiza.

  5. people have the conception that people only go to ibiza for the clubs, In actual fact people going to ibiza for the clubs only make up 20% of the tourists in Ibiza, this means that 80% of people dont go to ibiza for the clubs!

    With regards to bora bora i wouldnt be to worried, you will still have a great time and you wont miss what you have never had.

  6. Clubbers may only make up 20% of the tourists that visit Ibiza, but I am pretty certain that they make up for a lot more than 20% tourist income generated on the island. I have been coming to Ibiza every year for the past 5 years and judging from what I have been reafding so far, this will be my last year on the island. Time to find somewhere new.

  7. i bet your absolutely right, the clubber’s will generate more than 20% of the income.

    James do you really think there is going to be that much difference in Ibiza this year that its going to be shit? I very much doubt it. On he grand scale of things 5 years in Ibiza is nothing, Next year will be 10 years since the first time i went and there has been loads of changes to Ibiza in them 10 years, its still an amazing place to go though. When i first started going to Ibiza there were people kicking of then saying it has gone down hill and it wasnt what it used to be and that they wouldn’t be coming back, 10 years on and you hear the same thing year after year yet Ibiza is still the place to go.

  8. Your so right! I’ve went for the first time in 1996 and have been coming back on and off ever since. It’s the same old story and I’ve yet to have a bad time.
    I’m coming over for a few openings at the end of May (namely SPACE) can’t wait to feel the sand between my toes, the bass on my chest and taste of late afternoon tapas……..

  9. Ibiza has went way way downhill, i went 1993, 86 99 then 06 and it was so poor, very commercial indeed.

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