Ibiza Billboards

Hay guys i always show the posters from this years Ibiza lineups but another part of the island if you have ever been is the billboards! When you get of the plane you get on your coach or get in your taxi and the first thing you notice is the billboards!!!!

There are allot of them around Ibiza and the time is taken at Ibiza Spotlight to put them in a thread so if you want to see them (like i love to) then please go and look at Ibiza Spotlight Billboards Thread, if you have been before then you will appreciate!!!

One thought on “Ibiza Billboards”

  1. Slightly unrelated question – I see that it’s possible to buy tickets for events already. Is it necessary / are there any benefits of doing so or should I just wait til I’m out there? Just wondering whether big events (like I’m guessing Radio 1 Weekend 03 August at Eden will be) tend to sell out or if I’d have to pay loads if I left it too late. Cheers.

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