Ibiza Bars – The Orange Corner

The Orange Corner is again located in San Antonio and is the first of the 3 bars you come across walking towards Bar M. The Orange Corner is not as popular as its neighbour buit dont let that take anything away for you. The orange corner know how to party in an afternoon! You will often find people dancing in the sun on an afternoon at The Orange Corner! You will find pre partys here but the best part of this bar has been when they have had partiers for smaller clubs. Promoters of smaller clubs have been able to go over and throw a party in the bar ( hence the day time parties)

Its always good to check out when you are there so make sure you do! Any listings will be posted here.

2 thoughts on “Ibiza Bars – The Orange Corner”

  1. Whooooop!

    Qudos @ The Orange Corner, San Antoni

    Monday 30th June



    Funky House, Dirty House, Electro, Minimal, Trance, Techno, Deep House, Tech House

  2. This is great news, because the orange corner holds less than 500 people they can crank up the music at 12. you just watch people flock to the orange corner this year cause its the original day time party bar in San Ann!!

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