Ibiza After Hours Opening Times

This is one of those stories that will drag on and on and on but the latest news in the after hours saga is that the clubs will open at 6pm evey day. The council have alowed the clubs to apply for an extention on the opening and closing parties so the clubs can open at 12 noon. The Ibiza Consell want to push for the clubs to stay closed till 4.30pm though the law recently passed says they can open at 12 noon.

One of the space residants speaking on the radio has said he thinks the club will open at 6pm daily.

I personally think this is a good move as if the clubs opened any earlier i then i could see the clubs being very quiet till later on anyway, if the club was open on certain days that early maybee it would work but the club beiong open every day at that time may not attract the people it needs to.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

4 thoughts on “Ibiza After Hours Opening Times”

  1. Unfortunately it is worse than this, The law that was pass said the clubs have to close between 6am and 12pm. however the different councils around the island have all imposed further restrictions on the clubs so that no clubs can open before 4.30. The only time they are aloud to open at 12 is if they apply for an extension and then they can open at 12, however this can only be applied for during the opening and closing parties of the year.

    As i keep saying though i wouldnt think to much about it, the place will still be Rocking!

  2. What will happen to ‘We love Space’ on sunday mornings now if clubs can’t open till 4.30, will it be cancelled??

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