Ibiza After Hours Exception??

You have all heard the saying ‘There is an exception to every rule’? Well it seems that it may be true and there may be an exception to the rule about my post No More After Hours In Ibiza. Well as a bit of an update to that it seems that it has been announced there may be a minor adjustment to the recently passed law and there may be ‘an exception’ to the law. Obviously this means they are going to allow one of the clubs to open early door’s. With the council in Ibiza trying lock up the owner of DC10 then i recon you can count them out. The only serious contender is Space. Looking back over the last few years of trouble between clubs and the council how many times has space been mentioned or closed? Nearly Never! Space seem to be in the blind spot for the council as nothing is ever brought up about them for whatever reason.

This is great news for clubbers if it happens and great news for space. Maybe the council have heard some of the moans from people saying closing all morning parties will drive clubbers to the hills, which will be harder to police, Who knows. This could also be a reason why Space have not yet released any opening dates, as i reported they are waiting to find out what ours they can open before finalising with any promoters.

Source: Ibiza Voice

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  1. it doesnt mean they are going to allow one club to open – what josep said was that they would consider “exceptions” for special days – much the same way that the uk allows pubs/bars to *apply* for extensions on nye etc

    a cynic may ask if a certain local politician and owner of a serious chain of hotels and partner in space has any influence… 😉

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