Ibiza 2013 Google Community

Google plus hasn’t made to much of an impact in the non tech world, however, Some Dj’s and record labels do seem to have taken an interest.

Today (i think) Google communities sprung into life, you can pretty much see them as Facebook Pages. Ive never really jumped onto the facebook page bandwagon and put much effort into it.

I thought i would change that with Google Communities and so i set one up!

Its not an Ibiza Blog community, its just a General Ibiza community, if you have your own blog, business, night, salon, jet pack company in Ibiza, come along and spread the love. Im not sure if everyone has access to but events can be added to the community, with events comes googles Party Mode, which gives real time updates and media from people involved.

Anyone can join in, but i will kick out spammers. Its only been made today so initially a bit thin on the ground in numbers. Let you mates and your mum know about it



2013 Ibiza Community

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