How to book Ibiza

Now i know you people are not stupid, anyone can go and book a holiday, i thought i would give people a guide on how to do it without just walking into a travel agent and handing over your hard earned cash!! If you shop around you can save hundreds. Now it can be a scary thing but booking flights and accommodation separately is the way to do it. Doing it this way means you don’t have a coach waiting for you and you don’t have a rep but i think they are things i can live without. The airport in Ibiza is not far from the main resorts so jumping in a taxi wont break the bank.

I looked up a two week holiday in San Antonio on the first choice website. I picked a hotel and flights for this example that you can find separate on this site. The hotel is the Poniente in San Antonio near Kanya. For the example i have priced it for 4 people to fly from Luton at the beginning of June.

First Choice Price = £1246.64 (£311 each) Link

My Price = £685.72 (£171.43 each)

thats a saving of £560.92 between 4 people or £140.23 each!

Here is how its done. Firstly i used a website called Alpharooms to book the accommodation (info on the Ibiza Accommodation page.) This cost £434.00 for 4 people sharing a 2 bedroom apartment. The website is really good and one i use. All you need to check in to your hotel is the confirmation email.

Secondly i found flights from Luton on (info on my Ibiza Flights page) These flights were priced at £62.93 each . That gives a total of £251.72 for 4 people. Add the flights and accommodation prices together and you have a total of £685.72.

Its really that simple!

(all prices were correct when this was posted)

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  1. Hi Gary,

    You are absouluty right. You can get some great deals on line. I have just booked to go out to san antonio on the 24th September for the Hed Kandi closing party. My room has cost me £61 for a week. Granted it is only on room only but I do not intend to stay in it that often! The flights cost me £107. I booked both the flight and accommodation with a company called

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