GodsKitchen Boombox @ Privilege 2011

Yesterday i was excited to be writing about Gatecrasher making an appearance back in Ibiza. Today, im excited to be telling you that GodsKitchen seem to be making an appearance back in Ibiza after a loooooong and very much missed absence!

Yesterday Sander Van Doorn tweeted an picture of his billboard in Ibiza, nothing special here, however an eagle eyed spotlighter noticed if you look closely it has two dates for Privilege on the 20th and 27th July and in the bottom corner it also has GodsKitchen Boombox as one of the nights he is playing at!

GodsKitchen Boombox is a visual show that looks stunning, ive never seen it for real but Space had something similar last year for the opening party, I expect these two nights to be amazing shows and if i was in town, i would definitely be going to this.

Ive checked out the privilege website and the night is still unannounced. I have noticed this year that a lot of the Dj’s are playing multiple nights and not just sticking to one club night which is think is great, this means GodsKitchen are not as limited with the Dj’s they could be putting on.

As ive banged on about many times before GodsKitchen in Amnesia is one of the best nights ive ever had in Ibiza, if these could be a snip of what they used to be like they will still be worth it.

Source: Spotlight (cant find the relevant post at the minute)
Images: Twitter Resident Advisor Blogspot


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