Who would have said 14 years ago in a club of no more than 500 people and with a non common timetable that the interest of the audience for a new stile of electronic, small at that moment and avoiding commerciality, today would congregate thousands of people from all of Europe.


In November 94 opened his doors in Madrids Gran Via a small club with the intention of steaming up the mornings of the insomniac capital of Spain. In a short period of time what it started as a “friends club” become a cult club for lovers of the vanguard music.

After the closing of GOA After Club in January 99 came up the idea of developing periodical encounters that keep alive his name and spirit with out loosing the essence that gave him fame. Here started a new period for GOA. Reconverted into a encounter of big dimensions were first class music, video art and spectacle turn into the spine of the proposal. GOA changes skin in each chapter. Esthetics and technology to the service of dance

In this way, after making dance non stop two generations, GOA moved of being a club for 500 persons to one of the main encounters of electronic music in Europe not only for the affluence but also by the quality of its artists. Under the slogan: “Twelve hours of music, debauchery and diversion in absolute harmony”. GOA congregates in his monthly residence in Madrid more than 8.000 addicts of dance music, clubbing and new tendencies. A festival in fascicles that counts with more than two hundred artists a year and were the big names of the most underground electronic scene what to play.


After the experience of last year, with a recreation of a live concert of the mythical band Kiss that left such good memories to friends and followers, the unloading in the island for summer 2008 has not made wait for.

Twelve different events that will occur each Friday in Space Ibiza until autumn 2008. The quality of the spectacle gives good proof that GOA is among the best. Actors, dancers, performer, sportsman, movies specialists join in the technical show to the stenography, video, lights and music to make of each GOA encounter different.

In the twelve hour length of GOA will pass through the three areas of Space Ibiza, apart of the resident Gerardo NIva, all those artist that shined with its art in the winter residence: JOSH WINK, MICHAEL MAYER, ARIL BRIKHA, DAMIAN LAZARUS, KAROTTE, SHINEDOE, KIKI, TOBÍAS THOMAS, 200 AND ONE, AMê,  KARIZMA, SPIRIT CATCHER, WAGON COOKIN, FUTURE BEAT INVESTIGATORS, MEAT, GUILLAUME AND THE COUTU DUMONTS, HENRIK SCHWARZ, D´JULZ, MAD MATS, REVERSO 68, JIMPSTER, ROCCO, POLDER… and many more that are to confirm.

Source: Goa Press Release

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