Full Eden Lineups 2008

Apart from Pete Tongs Wonderland we now have complete listings for all nights at Eden for 2008. They have a great mix of talent on show this summer and with the addition this year of Wonderland and Hacienda in the back room of Garlands then i feel Eden have set themselves up for a great summer! Click the Name to get full listings

Eden 2008

Mondays KoolWaters
Opens: June 9th  Closes: September 22nd

Tuesdays Advance V Tidy
Opens: June 3rd Closes: September 16th

Wednesdays Garlands
Opens: June 11th Closes: September 24th

ThursdayTwice As Nice
Opens: June 5th Closes: September 18th

Fridays Wonderland – Pete Tong
Opens: June 13th Closes: September 26th

Saturdays Mondo Loco
Opens: June 7th Closes: September 20th

Sundays Judgement Sunday
Opens: June 8th Closes: September 21st

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