Faithless @ Privilege 2010

On the 4th September 2010 Faithless will perform live in Privilege! If you travel back in time (search Youtube – ku Ibiza 1987) you will be able to see Freddie Mercury performing Barcelona in the open air of Ku. Now don’t get me wrong, im not comparing Faithless with Freddie Mercury but that night Freddie Mercury performed in KU is still remembered to this day.

With the amount of festivals that Faithless have done over the last decade, it’s not unheard of for a lot of people to have heard faithless live already, but it is special if you see them in the right situation. I would be sceptical about going to a standard arena gig for faithless because they play in much better places,  and Privilege will be one of them.

Faithless will be performing their new album which will also be their last album. I hope for the sake of the people there, the occasion and the venue they play a few of their classics, ive felt the dance floor over the pool bounce to the sound of ‘We Come One’.

Privilege will be a perfect stage for Faithless to perform on and im going to be very jealous of all who attend.

Tickets are available from the Privilege website.

Source: Privilege PR

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