F*** Me Im Famous @ Pacha 2011

In the last few years, David Guetta has gone from being a French house Dj, to being a household name every mother, father, grandmother and grandfather has heard of. His music makes people excited, people flock in the droves to see him wherever he plays. My experience of David Guetta was one that what you hear on the radio is similar to what he plays during his sets. He will play crowd pleaser’s for a full set. If you love his productions then head over because he will play them all, If you think he may play different to what his productions are, then save your money and go elsewhere.

F*** me im famous takes over Pacha on Thursdays from the 26th May which at the moment makes it the very first opening party of the season. He closes on the 29th September which makes it a 19 week season for him.

Check out the video below for the closing party in 2009.

Opening Party: 26th May
David Guetta
Taio Cruz (pa)

Closing Party: 29th September

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

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