Deadmau5 – Cream @ Amnesia

Deadmau5 is riding the wave of being one of the most popular Dj’s of the moment and this season he has done a few nights on the Amnesia Terrace, looking at this video you can hardly tell were it is. If you have seen him ther this year, leave us a message and tell us how it was.

Source: Youtube

3 thoughts on “Deadmau5 – Cream @ Amnesia”

  1. hey! clare from ireland here, just moved to boston, saw deamau5 at the house of blues and ended up going on his tour bus to philladelphia!! had a great laugh… still cannot believe i was with the mouse lol… deffo coming to ibiza as i have about 70 to 80 years of partyin leftin me :)… hopefully a good enough job will keep me there for a few years!

  2. We saw Deadmau5 at Amnesia last Thursday and I have to say it was one of my best nights in Ibiza. Dirty stomping beats and heavy baselines mixed with breaks and a drum n base feel. Amnesia was massive and perfect for Deadmau5. It's not just his music that is amazing but also the way he takes over the stage and performs. The build up at the start of his set was slow with lots of lights and graphics at the back to build you up for when he dropped his first tune. Will be seeing him again for sure. What an amazing night.

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