Deadmau5 Cancelled Ibiza Date

As im sure a most of you are aware , Deadmau5 collapsed on stage on the 31st July through exhaustion. He was taken to hospital and with strict orders from his doctor he was sent home to recover. This means he misses his next 9 dates which includes the 12th August when he was meant to be playing at Cream @ Amnesia.

Cream have made an announcement that Deadmau5 will not be playing that date and in his place will be Above & Beyond.

Above & Beyond are not a direct replacement for Deadmau5 in terms of style, however I’m sure they will bring their harder edged set with them which you don’t get to hear very often but is a treat when you do.

Deadmau5 is set to return for his gigs on the 19th August which will be his Cream Ibiza gig. I’m sure that night is set to go off as it will be his first set of August, that and the fact Amnesia is the best club in the world 😉

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