DC10 to close??

It has been rumored since the closing parties of last year but recently the reasons behind the rumor have been voiced by the council in Ibiza. The Mayor of San Jose, has confirmed it has two open cases about DC10, both of them about overcrowding and exceeding the legal occupancy limit. The council have said the club can no longer continue to operate unless they keep to the occupancy limit which is only 60 people. The only way DC10 can continue is if they applied for the official occupancy to be increased though DC10 is located inside Ses Salinas Natural Park and the Mayor of San Jose has said “due to the bar’s location it would be legally impossible to increase the capacity.” Because the club is located in the natural park then it is not classed as an urban area which is how they have got into this situation. If they had a bigger capacity they would legally have to provide more car parking spaces to accommodate and this would not be aloud because of its location. The article also said that even if DC10 was to escape closure over this case then the long term future is still very much in doubt.

DC10 Ibiza


Source: The Ibiza Sun

****** UPDATE AUGUST 2008 **********

Another Blow For DC10

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  1. Wow!! It sounds bad! Keep us in touch about that, Gary. I´ve heard a lot about DC-10 after parties and hope I can enjoy them! Br, Trixx.

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