DC10 Shut Down For 57 Days!

The 60 day closure order that was given to DC10 last season has risen again and because DC10 only shut for 2 days last season then they must now close for the remainder of the closure order.

DC10 attracts 1000’s of people every year to the island and they also have companies chartering flights to get out there for new year. DC10 has been open all winter doing parties and event organisers are gutted that the authorities have now decided to enforce this now.

looking at it from the authorities point of view they have obviously gone for maximum impact, they aloud the club to open and now they are shutting it down. 2 months of the summer season is almost all of it so if you want to get there this year you will have to start planning for September.

DC is not the only club though, a source close to Amnesia have revealed that they also fear another closing order as happened last year amnesia was forced to close during the summer because of laws that were broken in earlier years!

If it stays shut for the whole duration we will have to wait and see, last year they didn’t close for the whole order so maybe they will have a work around.

Its obviously devastating news for people going to the island in the next 60 days but wait and see, maybe Circo Loco will find a temporary home but im sure for the people that love it DC10 is the only home in Ibiza

Source: Ibiza – Voice

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