DC10 Opening – Review

I had to get up early-ish this morning and so felt just a bit tired after yesterday’s 10hours nonstop dancing marathon. But at least we did a wise thing, we all met up for a delicious fish and seafood lunch at one of our fave spots, somewhere by the sea at the far end of talamanca bay…

Stuffed and ready to go, we drove to dc10 mid-afternoon. Parking was a bit of an adventure, because we got thoroughly searched by the guardia civil. I must say though, they were friendly and far from rude or anything like that. those guys are only doing their jobs and I honestly think some of them really would have preferred dancing their asses off instead of inspecting other people’s underwear…but anyway!

So in the end, we just got in short before 5pm. But that was perfect like that, it wasn’t too rammed then yet and like this, we found a great spot to dance. Dc10 news 2008? Already told ya, the bar outside in the garden is now permanent – great to have a drink out in the fresh air (no music though!). Else? All I say is “we’re all living in a yellow submarine”

Arpiar (Raresh, Pedro, Rhadoo) were doing a triple back2back 3 hours set which went off properly on the terrace. When at 7:30pm Matthias Tanzmann took over, dc10 was rammed to the rafters…but that’s no news, no? Loved MT’s set, much less though Tania Vulcano’s who played afterwards. Finally, at 11pm, Luciano played the last set on the terrace and it was as brilliant as ever! The terrace closed at 1:30am while things inside went on till after 3am. Although I liked the music inside as well, I just don’t like dc10 inside that much and after another 10hrs dancing non-stop I thought I’d call it a day.

Review By Nostrum – Ibiza Spotlight

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