DC10 Opening Poster

After much speculation over the winter as to weather DC10 will live for another season, they have a poster for the opening party. The time on this poster says 12 noon though on there myspace it says 10am so we will wait and see what time it opens.


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©DC10 Myspace

2 thoughts on “DC10 Opening Poster”

  1. Hey! Just wondered where to get tickets for Circo Loco opening 2008? Can’t seem to find anywhere online to purchase any! Also, do you know where’s a good place to be next Saturday (31st May) in Ibiza apart from Ibiza Rocks Hotel opening?

  2. It dosent seem like they sell tickets online for DC10.

    With regards to were to go you are spoilt! best two nights must be Privilege opening and Space opening. Picotto is at privilege and the list of Dj’s at space is endless!

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